Thursday, June 28, 2012

The "War on Women" Is Alive & Well at the DNC, Bitches

A few hours ago, following the announcement of the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, Patrick Gaspard the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) tweeted his reaction to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare. He deleted his original tweet which included graphic language where he referred to all that opposed Obamacare as "motherf*ckers." He deleted that tweet, but The Blaze snapped a screen shot of it before he was able to remove it.


Instead, he opted for the evidently much-preferred-by-the-DNC word "Bitches." This tweet remains on his Twitter feed at the time of this post.

You should also note that at the time I took the screen shot above 1,507 people had retweeted that tweet and 326 had "favorited" it.

If it was wrong for Rush Limbaugh, a radio talk-show host, to refer to Sandra Fluke as a "slut," why is it not wrong for the DNC Executive Director to not only use the word "motherf*ckers," but to also use the word "Bitches" to describe approximately 60% of the American public who oppose Obamacare?

He also posted the tweet below where he shed the persona of a typical, vile Democrat by pretending to actually care about the American people (another Democrat ruse). What he did not do is apologize. Nor has he removed the word "Bitches" from his wall.

What a bitch.

Don't mind my one usage of the one bad word toward Patrick. If you want to see why I feel justified in my behavior, take a look at what Sarah Palin has been dealing with today from the left on her Twitter feed where the darlings on the left have been referring to her "slut" daughters and her "retard" son after she tweeted about the Obamacare decision:

Or take a look at this where they refer to Justice Thomas as a "house nigga" & an "Uncle Tom" because of his dissent on Obamacare, even AFTER they won this round.

Want more hate from the "loving left?" HERE

See? My calling Patrick Gaspard a bitch, is nothing. We're not even close to being even. But, since this is a game played by the left, I'm done.

However, as a woman, I don't appreciate the seeming acceptance of Gaspard's usage of the word "Bitches" by the DNC. But, since he's a Democrat and hypocrisy runs amok on the left, I don't really expect an apology. This is the type of behavior that I've come to expect from the hypocritical left. They are guilty of everything they accuse others of being. Everything. The real "war on women" is alive and well at the DNC. Gaspard's ignorant post on Twitter proves it.

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