Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama Copies Indian Squaw Elizabeth Warren - You Didn't Build That (VIDEO)

My commentary, which is included at the end of the video below, which I made:
This is absolute LUNACY (as are most progressive/socialist ideals). My parents paid for my teachers and the roads and the police and the firemen when I was a kid, as did their parents when they were kids. Now *I* pay for the teachers and the roads and the police and the fire (and all of the other "services" these two socialists may wish to include). ALL of those people were compensated for conducting their duties, as they were HIRED to do.

Not ONE of those people OWNS a thing that I create. NOT ONE.
What I create is MINE. What they create is THEIRS (and if any of these boobs have one of Obama's newly-created / over-compensated government jobs, & thereby create NOTHING, that's THEIR problem!) How DARE YOU try to make it MINE???

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