Monday, April 15, 2013

The "Man In The Cowboy Hat" - Boston First Responder & Hero

If you've seen the GRAPHIC pictures today (at the bottom of this post) from the Boston Marathon bombing of the man in the wheelchair who had both of his legs blown off, you may have noticed the "man in the cowboy hat" who was pinching off the victim's femoral artery in his hand while walking beside the victim's wheelchair.

I became aware of the "man in the cowboy hat" by checking out Drudge's Facebook page tonight. I wasn't aware of him until I did...because when I saw the pictures earlier today I wasn't really looking at anyone in the pictures except the victim (then I took a break to prevent myself from throwing up - they are graphic pics - I'm not kidding).

Below is an interview with the "man in the cowboy hat". According to the title of the video on YouTube, his name is Carlos Arredondo. Make no mistake about it. Carlos is a FIRST RESPONDER and a HERO.


"Man in the cowboy hat..."

This is how the video and pictures appeared on Drudge's Facbook page:

1st post on Drudge's Facebook page:

2nd post on Drudge's Facebook page:

3rd post on Drudge's Facebook page:


Prayers go out to all those suffering tonight and for the months and years to come as a result of the attack today.

Also, thank God for people like Carlos Arredondo, the "man in the cowboy hat".

***UPDATE 1*** 8:49AM April 16, 2013
TheBlaze has more about Carlos Arredondo.

***UPDATE 2*** 1:57AM April 17, 2013
The victim in the wheelchair is Jeff Bauman, Jr. The International Business Times (IBT) has much more information on him. He is alive. He has undergone 2 surgeries. His father is keeping people up-to-date on his son's condition via his own facebook page. Again, check out the post from the IBT.

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