Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conservative Conspiracies Flourishing Online


I think I'm becoming a minority among Conservatives...because I don't buy into conspiracies. I can't tell you how sick and tired I am of ALL the conspiracy bulls__t that Conservatives are spreading in greater and greater numbers. I see it posted everywhere on Facebook and elsewhere online. It's so disheartening to see so many people wasting their time (and that of others). I've been seeing it for months/years now and I'm tired of it, so, as is typical of me, I thought I'd blog about it. There's your warning. Incoming!!! Take cover!!!

Those of you that engage in spreading these falsehoods are as dangerous as those that manipulate stories to fit their agenda (which is essentially what you are doing). You're no better than MSNBC, NBC, CNN and others that have intentionally and with-intent manipulated pictures, audio and video, and have intentionally mis-reported the facts of a story.

You're wasting your time (and the time of others) and if you keep it up you're going to be regarded as being JUST as conspiratorial as the entire Middle East and as "influential" as the main-stream media here in the United States. Conspiracies rule the Mid-East. Are you attempting to become them? Are you HELPING THEM further their agenda by posting these conspiracies? Are you attempting to bolster the legitimacy of the MSM? I fear that may be the result of your actions.

I have no proof of this. This is my opinion, because...I just don't see how your continuing to spread vast fabrications (as in the Mid-East) which contain zero supporting evidence (as the MSM regularly fails to include) could possibly result in strengthening your original intent of "getting the truth out". If you want to "spread the truth" there is an obligation to INCLUDE it in what you're posting. Your opinion is no more fact than is my opinion. (And, this post is my opinion - even though I know I speak for other Conservatives who are just as tired of reading your conspiratorial postings online. I usually just shake my head in disappointment and shame and try to ignore what I see that you've posted. This time, I'm writing about it.)

I know you think that something you've (or someone else) have (has) conjured up in your (their) mind is the "answer" to all the questions you have about our government. You've been wrong for so long that you must not even bother to even check out your previous claims anymore (if you ever did in the 1st place). I have. You're wrong. And, you're wrong often. Although, I must say, at the same time, you're often asking questions to which NO ONE will receive an answer because your questions are often so off-base they are NEVER addressed by anyone ever. OR, your questions are based on "early reporting" which most people KNOW is UNRELIABLE and dismiss it as such. For some reason, mis-statements made early-on during breaking news are like a "gold strike" for conspriacists." One would think, as thinking beings, that they'd know better. But, I digress.

Just because you have doubts about "the official story" does not mean you're engaging in conspiracy. However, when you relate your, or someone else's, OPINION of a particular story as FACT you are engaging in conspiracy. Questioning your government is what you as an American Citizen are supposed to do. Stating your doubts as fact, is not. Belittling and/or simply dismissing those that disagree with what you've bought into is also not something you are supposed to do...on a human level.

"Don't read it."???
How about YOU stop spreading the BS in the first place? (And making yourself sound like a truther...unless, of course, you're into that kind of thing.)

Or, maybe the "Don't read it" comment was the ANSWER to my question:
Q: How do you think this admin could carry this out?
A: Don't read it.
Result: Sheer brilliance. Now I'm convinced. (duh)

I know the intent of the person that posted the "Don't read it" comment - to get me to move along and stop questioning what they're attempting to pass along because they possess ZERO hard evidence to back it up.......other than the conjecture of the other "not seated-in-reality" (aka, "crazy") folks with whom they concur. I've dealt with "truthers" online for more than 10 years. I know the modus operandi of a conspiracy theorist quite well, thank you. The fact that I'm in their heads is what pisses them off the most when I comment on their posts - they know I know - but they don't know how I know - they just know to try to dismiss me EARLY. Oh, it's a "fun" game. I've learned to never converse with "truthers" (or Ron Paul supporters or Alex Jones fans) because the conversation ALWAYS winds up in an un-ending circular affair that just winds up pissing-off both sides. The conspiracist NEVER answers the questions I pose (because they can't) and ALL they reply with are dismissals or MORE QUESTIONS (to which any sane person would NEVER respond). (See the example in the Facebook post above.)

Below is the video that was included in the above Facebook post:

To those of you Conservatives who post this kind of thing online: Do you remember when you first heard the 9/11 truthers and how STUPID you thought they sounded? Those of you who re-post this junk, you sound exactly like them to the rest of us. Exactly. (Naturally, the video above is especially nice because one of the callers to C-Span in the video actually quotes the master-truther Alex Jones of InfoWars.com fame. Everything...EVERYTHING is a conspiracy to that NUT and to the lost souls that buy into his tripe.)

I understand that I'm in the minority in many of the Facebook groups in which I will post this blog post. I don't care. Those of you that keep spreading this kind of tripe (for which there is little to ZERO evidence), you sound dumber than hell to me. I don't care if your thoughts about me are reciprocated. If I have to stand alone on this, I'm fine with that. At least I'm not helping to further the agenda of the Obama administration by further dividing this country with the LIES and bulls___ that YOU spread and I'm also not helping to further the agenda of terrorists who hate the United States of America (which, apparently, is damn near the same agenda as the Obama administration - knocking this country down a few pegs would be a delight to them, too).

I'll leave you with this quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer:
"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak, is to speak. Not to act is to act."

I've spoken.
I've acted.
I've done so under which what I hold to be "The Truth".
You'll continue to do what you will.
I'm not so misguided to think that one of my simple blog posts could change that.
Time will tell how your continual spreading of lies affects the Unites States of America.
There's plenty of hard-sourced truth for you to spread.
The questions remain:
Are you capable of finding that truth and passing it along?
If not, could you lose your country?
It really could be that simple.
Will you be held responsible?
I, for one, will hold you partly responsible.

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