Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hate Wins On The Left...It's All They Know...Keep Sharing

Hate speaks. Loudly. And, it's gaining traction.

The nasty anti-Palin blog known as "The Immoral Minority" has a lot of traffic. Why is that? Is it just because the the "leader" of that pack (Gryphen) has a good sense of humor (depending on your tolerance level) and knows how to connect with those that understand "sharing" a blog post or is it because he/she is a nasty-ass individual who has garnered a following of like-minded cretins (who know how to share a blog post)? I'll presume that it's the latter. And, I must say, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Right now I'm listening to the "live Feedjit feed" (you have to "turn sounds on" after you click on the link in order to "listen") that is attached to The Immoral Minority blog. I happened upon a "Sarah Palin story" via somewhere on the internet...who cares where...and I clicked on the live Feedjit feed that is associated with the blog. It amazes me that someone who can pass along such hate and disdain for another individual can gain so much traction...and web traffic. HATE, REAL hate is ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA and it is evidenced by that nasty-ass blog.

My blog, the one you're reading now, is a teeny tiny example for you to use as a comparison of the aforementioned blog...but, if you're curious, turn on the sounds on my blog's live Feedjit feed. You'll notice a scary difference to that of the feed on The Immoral Minority...if you agree with me, that is. If not...if you don't agree with me, you'll like the sounds you hear from my comparison my live feed sounds more like crickets chirping. Keep sharing, conservatives. You've got this game down PAT! (Sarcasm is my friend, btw.)

Tonight I wound up on The Immoral Minority's waste-of-bandwidth website by clicking on something somewhere that linked to a story about Sarah Palin...who had given a speech at an event to benefit the Terry Schiavo Life & Hope Network. How AWFUL of Sarah, right? Right? What a bitch! (I'm purposefully NOT providing you a link to their story. You want to read that tripe? Google it.)

The very blog you're on now has been the subject of an Immoral Minority story in the past...a couple times. Of course, their linking to my blog generated much (unwanted) traffic to my own blog. Quantity, not quality, is what was passed my way. Oh well, a "page view" is a page, thank you you losers for linking to my blog in the past. But, I digress.

You people that frequent the Immoral Minority have got to be some of the most lecherous "humans" on the planet. No, you're not outwardly (at least, not yet) supporting the deaths of 100's of thousands, if not millions, of others...but, I suspect/know that it wouldn't take much for the likes of you to reach the point at which you would. (Your kind outwardly supports the political ideologies that have killed the most humans throughout history - socialism/communism/Marxism. Your very president supports many of those same principles.) You folks make me sick.

I know liberals and I know Democrats and you scumbags that frequent The Immoral Minority are neither. You are scum. You should be treated as scum. I think you should be eliminated from the planet. Hopefully the "tracking system" that Google and the Obama administration has put in place to monitor ALL online traffic will be able to be utilized by the next Republican President to take you OUT. Thank you for not fighting the good fight right now. We shall utilize your innocuous behavior in the future. Good little drones. Thank you. To HELL with the Bill of Rights, right? Can you say "Patriot Act"?

Tick. Tock.

In the meantime, I'll keep my finger OFF the trigger (as a responsible gun owner) and keep all my guns well-oiled, thank you very much.

If I don't have a 2nd Amendment, you don't have a 1st. You should remember that. Of course, if there isn't a video of a group of parents of recently-murdered children to attach to one of your most recent legislative desires (gun control), it really doesn't have any standing with any of your brethren, does it? You all should thank Adam Lanza for taking a gun into the Sandy Hook school and using it, huh? Without him, what would would be your goal today? You should award HIM a posthumous Nobel Prize...he's JUST as deserving as Obama...if not more (to your kind, that is).

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