Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The USA, Glenn Beck, & The NRA (Full VIDEO)

If you haven't heard Glenn Beck's keynote to the last NRA convention, you should.

It's been online since the early AM of May 5th. I just finished it tonight (and, now that I have the time this early AM, I'm listening to the entire thing again as I'm typing this). It's an hour and 41 minutes long. Yep. That long. And, worth every minute of it.

If you're a 2nd amendment supporter, if you like/love Glenn Beck, you hate him (f_ck you), whatever...if you have "the balls" that is, (so many of you "males" don't - most of us girls, aka "chicks", have more "balls" than most of you males - not ALL, but many), give this speech a listen. (Let Sarah Palin be my example here...she has more guts/balls than several/many guys I know.)

Many of the males I've come into contact with online probably wouldn't have the ability (or, at least their outward, braggadocios attitudes wouldn't allow them to proclaim themselves capable) to comply with the attitude of one Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. and be submissive when required by the greater cause for all.

MEN, are capable. Outspoken, loud-mouthed "males", and this decade's "revolutionary-type" males are not. Glenn asks you as much in this speech...and, much, much, more.

He also asks me...because I'd be one of those "braggadocios" "guys" that wouldn't want to comply and would RATHER strike out...(it would be so much easier to hit back than to sit back)...however, several years ago, after asking myself if I'd be capable of PEACEFULLY representing the dead families who are FORCED to encounter the Westboro Baptist "Church" (WBC) as a member of the American Legion Riders (ALR), I've recognized that there is a higher calling than my own desires or wishes. The families of the fallen heroes that the WBC craps on regularly don't deserve the fallout of MY wishes. They have their own problems to deal with. They don't need the CRAP my acting out would bring into their lives. I've since deduced that I COULD stand and be silent when having to listen to the hateful words of the WBC...OR ANYONE ELSE...especially those of our tyranny-inducing government. Luckily (and thank God), I've not had to put this to a test. However, I have ZERO doubt that I could and would respectfully represent any family of the fallen.

Don't get me wrong, I have about 2-hours of video footage of the WBC that I personally recorded nearly 3 years ago in Pierce, Nebraska (only about 20 miles from my home), I've "encountered" the WBC, I've just never had the need nor the opportunity NOR the desire to "broadcast" their stupid messages. Because of this, I can personally attest, THAT takes more guts than spitting on them. I did not spit on them (nor did the police allow me to get close enough to do so - nor did I want to waste my spit), NOR have I broadcast their dumb messages...and, I want to...I really, really want to. I want to make them look stupid. I just (still) don't want to "give them any 'press'". (One day I will...just not any day soon.)

Glenn's NRA message equals: Love trumps hate.

The right doesn't hate.
The right loves.

The left hates.
The left only KNOWS hate.
The left only RELATES TO hate.
The left LIES about their history of HATE...and, tries to turn it into a history of "love".

MLK, Jr. practiced love.
The left claims MLK, Jr's message.
MLK, Jr. was a Republican...and, here's the proof (click the numbers): (1 (Dr. Alveda King) (2009), 2 (2006), 3 (1993), 4 (2011)-, 5 (2011), 6 (Dr. Alveda King) (2012)--each number provides a different source - please note the date of the aforementioned articles. Want more? Look it up for yourself.)

Which side are you on?
How do you define yourself politically?
How will you behave when/if you're needed?
Will you need a gun to achieve your goal?

I'll defend my life with deadly force.
I'll defend the life of others with deadly force.
I'll not CHOOSE to use a gun to protect "property" of mine or others with deadly force - (that's my personal decision - I support your decision to differ - I recognize that such a thing may not be determinable at the time a crime is occurring, in which case, the offender may be killed by my gunfire. They shouldn't have chosen to make me or you a victim of crime. If they hadn't, they'd most likely still be alive.)
I'll use my gun for protection of others & myself as I see fit.

I'll ALWAYS march in peace...and, without a gun.
(Those of you who have trouble with comprehension had BETTER read the paragraphs above this one before giving me any grief...)

Here's Glenn's speech:

Please share. Thank you.

If you can do so, join the NRA. If ever you were needed as a member, it is at this point in our nation's history. Long live the NRA.

One more note, worthy to me (and about the ONLY message of "gays on the left" that I can agree with):

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