Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Not Just The IRS That Intimidated The TEA Party...

It's Not Just The IRS That Intimidated The TEA Party...It's MULTIPLE branches of the United States government that intimidated &/or targeted the TEA Party and its members.

Is my headline a "fact"? No, not at this time. Will it be? Possibly. Perhaps. Maybe. I suspect it should be. Let me tell you the reason for my suspicions...

April 15th, 2009 I attended a TEA Party in Nebraska. I and several others signed up to receive emails from the man who organized it. I and others who had signed up to be a part of this new TEA Party "email list" had received a few emails from him and within several weeks or a few months later (it was 4 yrs ago, I don't recall the exact time frame), the man who organized it was OUT - he didn't see that it was in his best interest to be a part of it anymore...because he had just discovered, and confirmed, that his name had just become a new addition to the "no-fly list".

The United States government intimidated him into silence with this one act.

I'm not going to give specifics about this man or about his situation nor am I going to give his name in this post. If any media wants to be put into contact with him, I can get your information to him and he may contact you if he wishes. If he doesn't, I can provide a few more details while keeping his information private and his name out of it. (Reputable, well-known sources that wish to contact me, please leave your contact information in the DISQUS comment section at the bottom of this blog post. I'll delete your comment/info from the comment section as I receive it.)

The only part of his story that I'll elude to involves this: "high-level security clearance" of someone he knows.

I just spoke with this man in a chance meeting a few days ago; I hadn't seen him since that April 15th, 2009 TEA Party. When we spoke the other day he told me he's STILL on the "no-fly list"...all because he organized a TEA April of 2009.

One more incident of Conservatives being targeted by the Obama administration from 2009 just came to mind. Remember all the forced closings of GM dealerships that occurred in '09? Here's Gretchen Carlson from FOX & Friends describing what happened to the Minnesota GM dealership owned by her parents for 90 years:

Interview continues here:

More from NewsBusters here (June 10, 2009): Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson: Government Unfairly Shutdown My Parents' GM Dealership

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