Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zimmerman Case Is A By-Product of Social Engineering...Nothing More

The picture to the left...who is in it?

Don't you know?

The guy on the left, wearing red, is a 7-11 clerk.

The guy in the black hoodie is...Trayvon Martin...MINUTES prior to his death. That picture hardly makes Trayvon appear to be the "young boy" or "small child" the media has told us about for the past 18 months or so. The 7-11 clerk in this photo testified that he is 5 feet 10 inches tall (here's ALL of his testimony - it is about 15-minutes long), which is 3 inches TALLER than George Zimmerman...just for reference. (The media won't tell you that.)

That picture above is a screen shot from the surveillance video taken of Trayvon the night he purchased the now infamous "Skittles" and can of "Arizona Iced Tea" (which was ACTUALLY "Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail" - as seen in the next picture from EVIDENCE entered into the trial).

When the media CONTINUALLY gets simplistic details like this incorrect about a case, it drives me crazy. If they can't even get THIS correct, sensible people are COMPELLED to ask what ELSE they have mis-reported, right? I do. Trayvon was carrying "Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail"...NOT "iced tea", as we've been told for more than a year and are still being told in nearly every single news story available...despite the evidence.

Given the many racist comments I've heard or read that have been made about "blacks and watermelon" throughout the entirety of my lifetime, I also am FORCED to wonder if this "exclusion of fact" by our media isn't a contributing factor in this omission of truth. Why do they repeatedly report that Trayvon was carrying "Arizona Iced Tea" when it is CLEAR that he was carrying "Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail"? Isn't that a question that should be asked, albeit relatively insignificant, given the racial tones that have been ASSIGNED BY THE MEDIA TO THIS CASE???

I'll move on...to the point of this post:

Jasmine Rand, one of the attorney's for the family of Trayvon Martin stated last night on "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren" on FOX News:
"I have a greater duty beyond being an attorney and that's to be a 'social engineer' and when the law doesn't get it right I believe that we have the right to peacefully and morally (and) conscientiously object to the decision of the jury."

Rightfully so, after making the above statement, Greta blasted this dope. This is the same attorney that wore a hoodie in an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper this past Sunday evening within 24 hours of the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case being announced.

Greta got it right: "This is more like social manipulation."

That is the problem with this entire Zimmerman case...since the beginning of this case, the people who have inserted themselves into this case have been attempting to socially engineer their desired outcome (as is apparently the case in Obama's messed-up version of the new Amerikkka which we all have to accept or be run-over in protest). From the "reverends" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's need to keep racial tension at a high that is nowhere near reality, to public pressure so great a politically-motivated Florida prosecutor actually charged George Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder in what was an obvious case of self-defense. This was only obvious to those in law enforcement (which is why charges were not initially brought) - it was not obvious to the public at the time because the pictures of Zimmerman's beaten, distorted, and bloodied face weren't released until after Zimmerman was charged by Prosecutor Angela Correy.

George Zimmerman's nose is obviously broken.

After all of this....JUST LOOK what all of this "social engineering" has accomplished: So many people (mostly those who are black) are feeling like it is open season on them because of the color of their skin. Nothing could be further from the truth and the charlatans who have propagated this LIE on nearly an entire race of people in the USA should be held accountable!!! I've been saying for a few weeks now that George Zimmerman should file charges for a violation of his civil rights against any people and ALL entities (government agencies) that he can. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz clarified that one can't generally file a civil rights violation against another individual, however, he does say that George Zimmerman certainly COULD file against the State of Florida for violating HIS civil rights...and Dershowitz suggests that Zimmerman should do so (AND that Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey be disbarred). I hope Zimmerman FILES charges against the State of Florida for violating his civil rights!

As for those who have felt the need or desire to comment on this case simply because of "what they have heard" from the media or from others or on their "feelings" about the case: Either watch the evidence and have a firm grasp of at least some parts of the evidence or shut the hell up about it! HOW you can even comment on such a subject without even partial knowledge of that which you are speaking only speaks volumes about your motives and/or intent.

I watched the entire trial. I have a firm grasp of most of the evidence that was presented. If you don't, or if you know of others who don't, share this link - the ENTIRE trial has been uploaded on this YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/croakerqueen123/search?query=Zimmerman (Either click the link to watch it, or copy and paste the link to share it.)

The case against Zimmerman should have never been brought by the state of Florida...as the evidence shows...and, the jury agreed.

Those of you that keep saying: "I'm glad this case is over, now we can move on". Are you out of your minds? Do you think the social engineers who've had a firm grip on this case from the onset are just going to STOP now that a verdict has been rendered? Get a grip on how things now work here in Obama's Amerikkka. The minority rules...and they WON'T shut up about it until they get their way. The screaming "victims" in this case, at the direction of the social engineers, are far from done. It is irresponsible and, frankly, ignorant of you to think that they are.

The race hustlers and charlatans that have socially engineered this case from the very beginning are guilty of committing a shameful act against the fabric of this nation. It could take decades and/or generations to undo the damage they've sought to inflict on this country. For this, the social engineers should be held to account for their actions.



Miscellany I choose to include in this post:

Van Jones tweeted the picture below.

The left in this country needs to STOP bastardizing the life and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in an attempt to make his dream fit whatever agenda it is that they are currently pushing. Dr. King was a well-respected Republican whose ideals would most likely NOT align with the race-hucksters of today...no matter how many times Al Sharpton claims to have marched with him.

This picture is a disgusting DISGRACE to the memory of Dr. King!

UPDATE (July 17, 2013):
Niece of Dr. MLK, Jr. - Dr. Alveda King: "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would very likely not wear a hoodie. I can assure you he would not wear sagging pants." (Andrea Tantaros Radio Show) (End of update.)

Nancy Grace has lost her ever-lovin' mind (and, for the record, Trayvon's parents DECIDED not to be present for the reading of the verdict - it's not that "they weren't given enough notice" as Nancy states in the video below).

Someone I know who is the mother of a mixed-race child posted the following heartbreaking comment on Facebook. It's not necessary for her to come away from THIS TRIAL with THIS feeling - and if NOT for the media manipulation and "social engineering" of this case, she wouldn't have - she comes from a family of sensible people to whom I am related.
"Well if this verdict doesn't show you what a sick world we live in, I'm not sure what could! The worth of a black child obviously means nothing to this sick country...so appalled!!"

Because I know the poster of this comment, I can't put into words how sad it is to me that this is how she feels at the conclusion of this case. A man witnessed a person he felt was "suspicious" (for reasons I explain in this post). The man that reported the suspicious person was attacked. He defended his life. A young man is dead because of it. That's what happened. Race didn't enter into it. This is not a sick country. Her child has GREAT value to me and to MOST of the people that live in this country. The media shouldn't have manipulated her into feeling the way she does. Her reaction, and the reaction across the country by so many others, is the by-product of social engineering. (I state this as my "fact", because I believe that no one could watch this trial, see the evidence presented, and come away with any other conclusion than the fact that GZ acted in self-defense. I also understand that there is an exception to every "rule".)

The last thing that anyone needs is for the lives of young black or mixed-race children to be influenced by the outright LIES presented to the public by this JOKE of a case brought against George Zimmerman by Prosecutor Angela Corey. George was justified in his actions because he feared for his life after being attacked by someone who he had first reported as "being a suspicious person"...I guess George was right. Someone who winds up beating on your face and head (as George's injuries show) for "following them" (whether he did or not) certainly fits the definition of "a suspicious person".

I would absolutely shoot someone that attacked me in such a manner...provided I was still conscious and could actually reach my gun, that is. (I'm a "forty-something" female, btw.) I would hope that anyone would do the same to protect their own life, the life of their child, or the life of anyone they knew was being victimized. (Which is why I was so tough on the "chicken-shit" witness John Good above.) Those that don't act are worthless to society as a whole as far as I'm concerned. Then again, so are those who don't speak...whether I agree with them or not.
"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to act is to act.
Not to speak is to speak."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer


What about the pictures below? LOOK at the anguish/loss/fear/anger on these people's faces! IT'S UNNECESSARY for them to FEEL THIS WAY! I am incapable of putting into words how FRUSTRATING it is to see people react like this to this case with all of this unnecessary emotion. (If people KNOW the facts of this case it is IMPOSSIBLE to have the kind of reaction depicted in the photos below.) Blacks in this country are not being hunted. Blacks in this country are not being victimized (anymore than any other "group" or "class" of people - I'm a gay female conservative - I have some perspective on this - gays aren't being targeted either). Blacks are not being singled-out as a race or as a "class" for targeting...nor are they going to be ever again. Do morons exist in our society? Oh, yes. But, they exist in ALL classes, ALL races, ALL "groups"...however you prefer to "classify" people, one moron will ALWAYS be found among whichever group you seek to "classify". I'm not saying the people in the pictures below are morons...I'm saying that the people who made them react this way are morons for taking advantage of them. This is how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (among others) make their living. After all, without Sharpton and Jackson, WHERE would "racism" BE in the United States of America??? I contend that it would NOT exist in any form...except in that miniscule segment (less than 5%) of our population that will hopefully continue to ONLY exist on the fringe of society...as it does now. The VAST MAJORITY of this country does NOT want to see ANYONE in this kind of PAIN g(except Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and the like):


As someone who viewed the entirety of the evidence presented in this case, I am sickened by the response of those who "don't care" and are "glad this case is over" and, similarly, I'm sickened (heartbroken, really) by those who think that justice was not served.

Those of you who are glad this case is over because you are tired of hearing about it: Move along. Go ahead and move on continuing to live your lives as you were, because evidently you are incapable of understanding the repercussions of this case on our society. This was the most divisive case ever presented in our generation by the media onto the fabric of our society. If you can't understand that, good luck living in your little bubble. (Yes, I'm fully aware of the rest of the news of the day. Why isn't this case as important to you? This case has the potential to affect your lives MORE than the MOST of the rest of the news of today.)

Those of you who don't think justice was served: Did you watch the trial? Did you see ANY of the evidence that was presented in the trial? Did you hear ANY of the testimony of the witnesses to the attack that Trayvon Martin perpetrated on George Zimmerman? (I watched it ALL.) Do you even know that A WITNESS went BACK INTO HIS HOUSE AFTER HE HEARD GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ASK HIM FOR HELP??? See the testimony from the little girl Jonathan Good HERE. This guy COULD have prevented this ENTIRE fiasco if he would have just HELPED George! Trayvon would still be alive if this chicken shit would have gotten involved!!! Jonathan Good "didn't want" to testify and was compelled to do so via subpoena. I find it odd how this chicken shit isn't being called-out in the media. But, I don't wonder WHY he isn't - It doesn't fit with the "socially engineered" depiction by which the media is force-feeding this phony "racist" case to us. Plus, it doesn't hurt that MOST people in our society today are JUST as chicken-shitted as this asshole - would YOU get involved? Why wouldn't you? I have. I've helped people. I've helped a vehicle accident victim. I've helped a gunshot victim. I've followed severely drunk drivers that the police have apprehended. Have you? Would you? Why or why not? If Jonathan Good would have gotten involved, you wouldn't be reading this right now. Would you help your neighbor...whether you knew them or not?

From George's statement to the Sanford PD the night of the attack.

What happened that night, which is MORE THAN CLEAR from the evidence presented in the trial, is this:
George Zimmerman (GZ) saw Trayvon Martin (TM) walking in the backyards between two rows of town homes. It was dark. It was raining. And, TM was making NO EFFORT to move along, IN THE RAIN. Who stands outside while it's raining? (The media won't relay this point of fact to you, either.) TM had no umbrella. He was not wearing "rain gear". What he was wearing, outside of "rain gear" (a "hoodie"), is insignificant...he was a person standing in the back yards of several residences, not walking, while it was raining...that's "not normal"...race doesn't enter into it...he was just standing/loitering/lingering there when George noticed him. Period. If you or I (no matter our color) were exhibiting the exact same behavior, it would make you OR I "a suspicious person" to anyone that saw us who is not dead. If I'm ever in your back yard behaving in this manner and you don't report me, I'll wonder what is wrong with YOU. Alternatively, if you're not someone who would report this kind of behavior about someone you DON'T know in your neighborhood, please post your address in the comment section below. Thank you.

Continuing: GZ witnessed this young male standing in the back yard of his apartment/town-home complex, in the dark, while it was raining. Who cares that TM was wearing a hoodie? Who cares that TM was black? It was the non-emergency dispatcher who ASKED ZIMMERMAN TO DESCRIBE THE RACE of the person he was reporting!!!) He may as well been Asian...or Hispanic...OR, lo' and behold, WHITE!!! I don't think there's a person outside of the New York Times that would have described him as a "white Hispanic"...whatever that means. GZ has a white father and an Hispanic mother...this is what led the NYT to label GZ a "white Hispanic". (I guess that means President Obama is a "white Black"..." The jury is still out on that one...)

Everyone seems to want to make a big deal about how the dispatcher "told" GZ to "not follow" TM (the exact words were: "We don't need you to do that"), yet, NO ONE wants to "credit" the dispatcher with ASKING GEORGE ZIMMERMAN THE RACE OF THE SUSPICIOUS PERSON HE WAS CALLING ABOUT. It's odd and blatantly dishonest to not include this FACT when talking about what dispatch "told"/didn't tell GZ.

Nevertheless, GZ reported the suspicious person...who was hanging out behind people's homes in the rain...to the NON-emergency dispatch at the Sanford PD. The PD didn't ask "why" he was reporting this unknown subject in his neighborhood, they said they'd send an officer to check it out. Apparently, about 4-minutes later (according to timelines derived from testimony in court), Trayvon Martin is beating on George Zimmerman (and the pictures in evidence prove GZ had been beaten). George shot this suspect in defense of his own life. This is not a difficult case to figure out...as long as you are capable of absorbing the evidence that was presented at trial.

If you're not, you're most likely sentencing yourself to a life of denial and undue hardship created solely by yourself...and those who want you to help them "fight the man" that isn't targeting you.


One of the jurors spoke out last night on AC-360 on CNN. The AC-360 interview with juror "B-37" can be seen in its entirety HERE.


This video depicts what damage an "MMA-style ground & pound" is like from an 18-year-old. (MMA fighters have to be 18 to participate.) I know the fighter in this video. He is the same height and weight as Trayvon Martin and one year older than TM at the time of this fight. The younger fighter in this video had received very little "training" at the time of this fight. He was 18 at the time. His opponent was 24 and the same height as GZ - 5'7". GZ was 28 and, reportedly, 40lbs heavier than the opponent in this example (which I don't believe...GZ was "skinny" when this incident occurred). The "fight" in this example takes 39-seconds before it is stopped by the referee. The "fight" between TM and GZ lasted approximately 44-seconds, I believe. Watch:

If Trayvon Martin bashed George Zimmerman...or anyone, like the 18-year-old in the above video...for any length of time, would you walk away? I would...if I could. If not, and I was armed, I'd HAVE to shoot the person that was beating me in that "MMA-style ground & pound" as depicted in the video. I don't know many people that would think that they would or could survive that kind of beating. Nor do I know anyone that SHOULD sustain that kind of beating. Anyone that would defend themselves against that kind of beating would be justified in killing the person inflicting it upon them (unless it was taking place in an MMA-sanctioned cage fight).

It is really that simple.

It has nothing to do with race.

It only deals with SURVIVAL.


The video below, from April of 2012, pretty well deals with the accuracies and INaccuracies of the entire media manipulation of this case:

Social engineering, it's not just for community organizers anymore.

Don't forget the "beatings for Trayvon" that others have committed/are committing around the country. To forget these crimes would be to dishonor Trayvon's memory...right?

Click the link: A blog post I wrote in May of 2012 about "beatings for Trayvon".

Click the link: Story #1 from Baltimore yesterday about a "beating for Trayvon".

Click the link: Story #2 from Little Rock yesterday about another "beating for Trayvon".

It's only a matter of time before there are "murders for Trayvon"...if there haven't been already...

UPDATE (8:44AM CST - July 16, 2013):

Click the link: Jogger says he was attacked in retaliation for Zimmerman verdict

UPDATE (9:07AM CST - July 16, 2013):

Click the link: Alveda King: Sharpton, Jackson should stop ‘playing race card’ over Trayvon Martin

UPDATE (9:26AM CST - July 16, 2013):

Here is a link to picture I just posted on my Facebook account that depicts all the headlines Drudge has today about this case. (Except for the links about Rachel Jeantel's interview with Piers Morgan from last night, all of which are "below the fold" on the Drudge Report.)

UPDATE (July 17, 2013 - More "beatings for Trayvon" links added):
Caught on Tape: Pro-Trayvon Martin ‘Protesters’ Attack Houston Grandmother and Refuse to Let Family Take Child to Hospital

New video surfaces of violent Oakland protests

LAPD: Roving Hollywood robbers may also be Zimmerman protest vandals

Video Shows Journalist Being Attacked During On-Camera Interview at Zimmerman Protests

‘It Was Gruesome’: Waiter Pummeled in the Face with Hammer-Like Object While Protecting Business During Trayvon Protest

Shock: ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Spray Painted on Side of Penn. Business Before It’s Set on Fire

CHAOS on Third Night of Trayvon Martin Protests in Oakland, L.A.

UPDATE (8:59AM CST - July 20, 2013)
‘Civil Unrest’: Pro-Trayvon Martin Protesters in Calif. Assault Civilian, Police Officers and Police Horse

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