Friday, June 20, 2014

An Afternoon of Tornadoes - Stanton & Pilger (My VIDEO)

Please heed the language warning if you choose to watch or listen to this video. I got sick of editing out my own bad, I quit doing it about 19-minutes into this video. This video is 1 hour & 40 minutes long (yes, even after editing). This is how the afternoon storms developed...from before they were spotted until people were being transported by ambulance to the hospital from Pilger.

This is the description I put under this video on YouTube:
***Language Warning*** This video is a collection of the video I shot while following the tornadoes that hit the Stanton, NE area and the town of Pilger, NE. Scanner traffic from Stanton County storm spotters & Norfolk Fire & Rescue, as well as local radio station reports as this day unfolded, can be heard in this video.

I'm a "storm chaser", basically out of necessity, home is not the kind you stay in when tornado sirens are blaring. I've been "storm chasing" for about 15 years. I've lived in north central & northeast Nebraska my whole life & I'd never seen a tornado...until this day, when I saw two of them (or more - you decide).

An Afternoon of Tornadoes - Stanton & Pilger 6-16-14

If you'd prefer to go directly to YouTube to watch or listen to this video here is the direct link:

One other note: I am working on conducting an interview, of sorts, with one or two survivors of the Pilger tornadoes. Their comments will not be edited - their stories will be "in their own words", not in mine (at least, that's how I'm hoping this goes). We all just have to find the time to complete this. Please subscribe via email to this blog or follow me on my Facebook account HERE, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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