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Pilger, Stanton & Northeast Nebraska Tornadoes - A Collection of Stories, Links & Video

This is a collection of links to the massive number of news stories and videos relating to the "twin tornadoes" that struck northeast Nebraska on the afternoon of Monday, June 16, 2014. These links are included in no particular order. There are so many stories and videos that it would be impossible for me to organize them all in chronological order. This post will be continually updated with more information as I become aware of it. All UPDATES will be added to be bottom of this post.

***It may take some time for this page to fully load due to the high number of links and videos embedded in this post.***

(Photo source: Screen grab from TVNweather's "EXTREME up-close video of violent Pilger, Nebraska! Part 2" video posted below.)

MASSIVE wedge tornado and unusual rope-out near Stanton, NE - June 16, 2014
(Source: TVN Weather)

Stanton Tornado...June 16 2014
(Source: Eric Stone)

Two VIOLENT tornadoes on the ground at the same time! Pilger, NE; June 16, 2014
(Source: TVN Weather)

EXTREME up-close video of violent Pilger, Nebraska! Part 2
(Source: TVN Weather)

NEW VIDEO: Two simultaneous violent tornadoes in northeast Nebraska - June 16, 2014
(Source: TVN Weather)

(Source: Me)

Tornado Damage, June 2014 - Pilger, NE
(Source: NEMA - Nebraska Emergency Management Agency)

A total of 70 aerial photos of the damage in Pilger, NE are available HERE on the NEMA Facebook page. I've included just ONE of NEMA's aerial photos below:

Quote at the end of the following story about Glenn Beck's charity, Mercury One:
"Mercury One charity announced on Monday night that they would be deploying five tractor trailers full of supplies to the affected areas."

For those who are unaware, these 5 semi-trailers full of supplies will NOT be going through governmental sources, who will turn away such items. They will be going DIRECTLY to those in need. (At least, that's my understanding about how Mercury One reacts during this type of crisis. Commonly, they work with a local church...although, Pilger's Lutheran Church doesn't PHYSICALLY exist anymore...the building is gone.)
STORY: ‘Unbelievable’: Stunning Photos, Video Show Two Tornadoes Touching Down Simultaneously in Nebraska

Couple take a beating protecting 5 kids at day care near Stanton

Pilger Tornado Destroys Cattle Farm

Jerry Weatherholt on FOX News From Pilger, NE - Tornado Destruction 6-17-14
(Source(s)- Original Story: FOX News / Uploaded to YouTube: Me)

Massive Tornado in Wisner, NE | June 16, 2014

Stories posted on the Norfolk Daily News website:
Tornadoes' destruction seen in Pilger and rural areas (Pilger, NE)

'Two minutes is all it took' (Pilger, NE)

Everything wiped out on Wisner area farm (Wisner, NE)

Lone fisherman holds on for dear life (Maskenthine Lake near Stanton, NE)

Owner of destroyed home: Everything here is gone (Wayne, NE)

What's going to happen to Pilger? (Pilger, NE)

Volunteers not needed Tuesday (Pilger, NE)

Started with slight risk of severe weather

Hospitals kept busy dealing with tornado-related injuries

Pilger, rural area hit hard by tornadoes (Pilger, NE)

Emergency Operations Center opened

Relief efforts underway in area

Tornado damage defies logic in Pilger (Pilger, NE)

Heineman says Pilger looks like Middle East (Pilger, NE)

Stories posted on the 94Rock website:
Total Devastation - Updated with Victim ID's

What Can I Do to Help?

Wakefield Hit By Storms As Well

Heineman To Tour Tornado Damage in Pilger

Monday's Severe Storms Caused Fatal Accident in Cuming County

Faith Regional Treats Almost 20 Tornado Victims

Evacuees Staying at Wisner-Pilger High School

This is a post from the 94Rock Facebook page (no embed link available). This comment was posted around 2PM central time on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 (direct link to the post):
PILGER VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Emergency officials say anyone willing to volunteer in Pilger tomorrow is to check in at Wisner-Pilger High School at 7 a.m. Wednesday. They will be bused in and out of Pilger. Volunteers MUST be 18 years or older and be wearing work-ready clothes. Anyone who is volunteering heavy equipment will be allowed to drive their equipment directly to Pilger, also starting at 7 a.m.

***UPDATE*** 7:44PM Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nebraska tornado victim, 5, was from N. AL

CBS News: "We could feel the suction try to pull us out of there"

CNN: Twin tornadoes tear through Nebraska town; 2 dead

6/16/2014 Wakefield Nebraska Twin Wedge Tornado B-Roll

6/16/2014 Pilger, NE Twin Tornadoes - Laubach

6/16/2014 Twin Pilger Tornadoes LIVE
This video is 7 hours and 36 minutes long. It is this crew's entire day of chasing storms. There are on-screen links at the beginning of the video for you to click on that will take you to the point in the video where each tornado is sighted.

***UPDATE*** 6:13AM Friday, June 20, 2014
More from the Norfolk Daily News:
Day 2 of tornadoes in Northeast Nebraska (Coleridge, NE)

Warning text can't save 5-year-old Pilger girl (Pilger, NE)

No bank records lost (Pilger, NE)

Volunteers descend on Pilger to begin cleanup efforts (Pilger, NE)

Hundreds of volunteers come to help; residents still in shock (Pilger, NE)

Maskenthine closed for now

Feedlots issues in aftermath of tornado
(Wisner, NE)

Suggestions for those recovering from tornado damage

Furbaby Rescue helps locate animals after tornado
(Pilger, NE)

Bret Michaels to help in Pilger (Pilger, NE)

Tornado survivor: We wanted to stay out here until we died (Wayne, NE)

***UPDATE*** 11:38AM Friday, June 20, 2014
More from the Norfolk Daily News:
Behind the scenes of Pilger’s recovery (Pilger, NE)

Johanns sees Pilger damage (Pilger, NE)

Gravel pit gets rocked by twister (Pilger, NE)

At school, 'a lot of history' lost amid tornado debris (Pilger, NE)

Welcome to Mediaville (Pilger, NE)

***UPDATE*** 12:20AM Thursday, June 26, 2014 This is the last time I will be notating the time and date of any new updates to this post. From now on, as I come across links I will post them.***

Nebraska town leveled by twin tornadoes (KETV)

Storm recap: Deadly tornadoes rip through Pilger (KETV)

Aerial view shows tornado's path

Before & after pictures of the town of Pilger, NE

My video. ***Language Warning***

Pilger, NE just after tornado struck

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