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A "Gay Apology & Plea" To Christians...& A Few Notes For All Involved

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To all of the individuals, families, and businesses that have been affected by the hysterical attacks from the militant, leftist, fascist gays in the USA over the past many months:
I'm a gay woman and on behalf of the calm, rational, commonsense gays in this country I'd like to apologize for the way you are being treated by some gay people. I'm so sorry that you, your entire family, and your businesses are having to suffer through this deluge of hatred and, in some cases, legal trouble from the militant, leftist, fascist gays and their evil-acting friends. Many of them are so filled with hatred that they've become fanatical and they can't even recognize the hypocrisy of their words and actions they direct toward you.

They want things for "Me! Me! Me!" and they NEVER take into account how their own selfishness affects others in this world. They don't care about you or what you believe - yet, they DEMAND that you care about them and what they believe. They attack, with bile, everyone who has the guts to speak their mind or state an opinion that may vary from the one they hold. They claim "diversity" as their mantra, yet, there is ZERO actual "diversity" allowed within their ranks. (They'll attack me, too, if given the chance - let them - let the light of true tolerance shine brightly on their black hearts.) Their behavior is the very antithesis of tolerance and I want to put it on the record that I, a gay woman, do NOT condone their behavior, their agenda, or their tactics. In fact, I find their behavior reprehensible, shocking, and unacceptable in a decent society. I want to draw a clear line in the sand between the #TrulyTolerant (myself and other gays who share my stance) and the fascists who bully and spread hate in order to attain some misconstrued definition of "acceptance". Please, don't hold their behavior against me or against other gays who believe you have just as much right to your beliefs as we have to ours. I'm proof that gays like this do exist in this world and I'm sorry you don't hear more from us. It's not in our conservative nature to repeatedly address the subject of our sexuality but, from time to time, it becomes politically relevant or even necessary to do so. I'm uncomfortable discussing this subject now but I feel that I have somewhat of a duty to do it. I am nobody's spokesperson but my own. However, I do have other gay friends who I know would agree with just about everything I'm saying here. I'm certainly not the only one.

I understand that we all have to live and work together in society and I truly do accept your beliefs. I don't have to agree with you 100%, nor do I need you to agree with me 100%. In fact, if you told me you did, I probably wouldn't trust you. I thoroughly respect all people who possess the steadfastness to maintain their stance on a position or belief that they hold dear...even when under attack from what seems like a large proportion of society. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end of the hatred from the left...I've received the phone calls to my home in the middle of the night, too...and I'm here to tell you that this loudmouth activist klan doesn't have the sticktoitiveness to keep harassing you. Within a week or two, the vast majority of them will see something new and shiny and their concentration on you will be diverted. (This is where you should say a prayer for their next targets...because there will be more.) This is their pattern. This is what they do. They bully and they attempt to intimidate. Don't let them. Stiffen your spine, check your beliefs, and stand strong. I'll gladly stand with you.
*****(End of apology/plea.)*****

I've been contemplating exactly how to write a blog post about this subject for several months. There are so many topics I wanted to include, but was afraid I would forget, that I've put this off for too long. What I've realized is that it's time now to stop putting this off and just write it. There will be many things that I will leave out and/or wish I would have said - maybe a few things I'll wish I would have said differently, too. Some of you may not like what I have to say, but I hope you read the whole thing anyway. Those of you who don't know me are likely wondering "Who the hell are you to address this subject?" I'm nobody. I'm a gay conservative woman with a blog, a YouTube channel, a never-ending stream of opinions, and a voice - and, I'm not afraid to use any of them. I'm a great fan of freedom of speech - I utilize that right frequently. I don't have to agree with someone 100% in order to support their cause. I am TOLERANT, in other words. With that being said, I also don't have to take abuse from those who disagree with me (keep that in mind in case you feel like attacking me in the comments - this is my blog and I will protect my readers and/or YouTube viewers and myself from having to read any waste-of-time or vile comments).


While I am not a religious person, I understand that those who are, do not hate me. (Well, the vast majority of them don't, anyway. There is an exception to every single rule on earth. And, you militant, leftist, fascist gays sure make it difficult for anyone to "accept" all gays. Thanks a whole bunch for that.) However, I have received my fair share of "you're going to hell" comments from self-titled "Christians", and it is these few but vocal "Christians" who give the rest of you a bad name (as it is the militant, leftist gays who I believe give all gays a bad name). With that in mind, for those of you who do believe that a gay person may go to hell when they die: Naturally, you're free to believe that but I'll never understand why so many feel the need to tell it to others. Please, keep it to yourself. You're not God. God made me and He made all other gay people, too. To call us a mistake is to call God imperfect. Isn't it? Think long and hard about that bible from which you may quote before you take it upon yourself to condemn to hell a fellow man. And, don't think that you're the first person to say these things to a gay person. Most of us have heard it from many other people for many years. Do you think that because you tell us you think we're going to hell that it is going to change us? Do you think if you call someone a "sexual deviant" that you've won the argument? All that those kind of comments do is divide us. And, I'll admit that it IS a struggle to not fall into a pit of hatred for the lot of you who feel it is your duty to share your "you're going to hell" comments with every gay person you encounter. Now, mind you, I've never had anyone say these words to my face. All of these interactions have occurred online and came from unidentifiable (anonymous) "keyboard warriors" who claim an allegiance to Christ. Those of you who call yourselves "Christians" and engage in this type of commentary are another part of the problem.

And, for those of you who believe that being gay is a choice: Unless you are gay, what in the heck could you possibly know about it? Just because you think it, doesn't make it so. And, when you say, "I choose to be heterosexual", that implies that, at one time, you chose not to be gay. Really? You did? That was actually an option for you? Do you even hear the words as they come out of your own mouth? Here's something I could choose: I could "choose" to be straight...I could ruin some man's life by deluding him into a sexless marriage. That would be a "choice" I could make. But, thankfully, destroying someone else's life is not a viable option for me...nor should it be for anyone.

Getting back to the hateful left, or as I like to sarcastically call them, "the civil left", they've gotten themselves all worked up into yet another frenetical lather over a hypothetical situation that was proposed to one of the family members of the Memories Pizza establishment in Indiana (the interview can be viewed HERE). She said that they would not cater a gay wedding. Here,, militant, gay-friendly, goody-two-shoes buttinsky's who think you're "helping" gays...let me tell you what you do when a business makes that decision: YOU GO DOWN THE STREET AND DO BUSINESS WITH THE NEXT BUSINESS!!! Period. You don't attempt to DESTROY someone's livelihood over ONE THING in which they believe that you do not!!!

ISIS is killing Christians and gays...right I type this. They're crucifying and beheading Christians and they're throwing gays off the roofs of tall buildings (and then stoning them after they land, whether they're dead or not). If they're not killing a gay person at this very moment, then they are singling one out, they are either torturing or harassing him and preparing him for execution. While you are bitching that a few individuals don't care to cater to your every need, your brethren are dying in other lands. But, the screeching, militant, fascists here in the United States remain silent about these ACTUAL atrocities that are occurring right now in the Middle East. Until you militant, hateful, fascist bastards work yourselves up into a rich lather about the MURDER of fellow gays in the Middle East, may everything you do from here on out carry ZERO weight nor lend any credibility to anyone who feigns "support" for "gay causes". And, if you're truly NOT just simply targeting Christians, there are a few Muslim bakeries that should probably be on the receiving end of your ire...if you're being 100% honest about seeking your version of "equal rights" and your goal is NOT to simply TRASH Christians and Christianity in this country, that is.

Why would you leftists WANT another segment of society (Christians) to be discriminated against as gays were for centuries (and still are in Muslim nations)?

I thought that, as a gay person, our "goal" was to be accepted for who we are? Why is it the antithesis of your existence to allow others to exist AS THEY ARE?

I can't believe that the following words actually have to be typed with (some) gays as the target audience:
If you want others to accept YOU for who you are and beliefs that you hold dear, then YOU have to accept OTHERS for who THEY are and for the beliefs that they hold dear. Duh.

With this latest display of abject intolerance for the beliefs that others hold dear, you have now become everything that we were fighting against. Congratulations.

I wish you would all just please shut up until you've got something other than hate and divisiveness to share with the rest of the world.

If you believe that walking into a bakery and simply buying some cupcakes or going into a florist and simply ordering some flowers is the same thing as having one of those businesses provide their services for your wedding, then I guess you've totally misconstrued what WEDDINGS are about in the first place. I've always known this. Others apparently don't. I have no problem with civil unions and I'm no longer a proponent of "gay marriage" - I used to be. (I honestly don't care about it at all anymore.) Hell, I voted for Al Gore with the sole hope that gay marriage would become legal! I was never so happy that GWB was president when I watched that 2nd plane crash into the WTC, either. September 11, 2001 was the day my "gay activism" essentially ended. There are so many more things in the world that are so much more important. I refuse to waste my time on almost any gay cause in the USA ever again. The only gay cause in the USA that could ever pique my interest again would be a "gay-bashing" story - and, it had better be accurate - thanks to the corruption of the story about Matthew Shepard, I'll be extremely hesitant about believing any story about "gay-bashing" ever again....and, all of you on the militant left who pushed that story out to the rest of America, you only have yourselves to thank for the hesitation that I and others now feel in not wanting to believe you and your kind when (or if) you tell us "real" stories about "gay oppression" in the United States. You'd better be able to back it up. I thank you for the lesson(s) that I've learned from you.

I've had other gays ask me how it is possible for me me to support conservative lawmakers who have "voted against the gay agenda". Well, here's why: I don't support the gay agenda. I don't support anything about your "cause". I just want to be able to live my life, as a gay person, in the United States of America, the greatest country on the face of the earth. I want to do so without others infringing on my rights. And, as I've lived my life as a gay person, I've never found anyone who has wished to infringe upon my rights, therefore, I live my life. I'm a free person. That you can't live your own lives without that same feeling is your own fault. If you always go looking for a fight, I promise you, you'll always find one.

Tammy Bruce puts it all very well in this appearance on Hannity a few nights ago:

*****UPDATE***** (April 5th, 2015 9:25PM CST) - I forgot to include this:
For those of you who may be so inclined to donate, now that the GoFundMe campaign for Memories Pizza has ended (after raising $842,592), please consider donating to Barronelle Stutzman. She's a Christian florist who could very well lose everything she has (business/home/etc.) after declining to provide services at the gay wedding of a long-time customer of hers. You can donate and/or read more about her story HERE. This campaign has been on GoFundMe for about a month and the total is currently at $92,013. If you can't donate, perhaps you can share the link? Thank you.

As always, please feel free to share this blog post as well. Thanks!

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