Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Freddie Gray Family Attorney Billy Murphy Wants Imprisoned Gays Segregated...Oh, And He's A Racist (VIDEO)

Judge William H. "Billy" Murphy, who is the attorney for
the family of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, is an LGBT-paranoid, race-baiting huckster on a level that this country has never before experienced. Freddie Gray is the young black man who died under suspicious circumstances while in the custody of the Baltimore PD earlier this month. At some point, while in police custody, Mr. Gray's spine was partially severed and he later died in a local hospital. The official autopsy report is still reportedly "several weeks" from being finalized. However, "Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said that (Baltimore) police plan to conclude their investigation by Friday, May 1. From there, the case will go to the state's attorney's office, which will decide whether or not to file."

We know about the many times that the Reverend Jesse Jackson has inserted himself into any "racial issues" in the USA. We also know how the Reverend Al Sharpton keeps inserting himself into any and all "racial issues", whether they're contrived or not. Hell, Al is even President Obama's "advisor" on race issues (as if this nation's "first black president" should need one).

The one thing in common that Jackson and Sharpton have is that they're "common". Their names are widely-known in American society. Until last week, I'd never heard of Judge William H. "Billy" Murphy from Baltimore. Had you?

Within the past week or so I have seen Murphy on MSNBC, CNN, and on FOX News as the attorney who is representing the family of Freddie Gray.

What follows is the evidence I submit as proof that attorney "Billy" Murphy is WORSE than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton COMBINED.

I'm not going to explain it for you. Watch the videos below for yourself. I did do a fair amount of transcribing below the last video (which was the "last straw" and is the video that prompted me to write this blog post. So, if you want to skip Billy trotting out the "n-word" within the past week on MSNBC (video #1) and if you want to skip him calling Sean Hannity (or all conservatives) "racists" live on FOX News (video #2), go ahead.

But, whatever you do, don't miss the 3rd and last video included in this post. As you listen to it, remember all the "love" that the screeching harpies within the leftist/fascist movement in America will have in store for him...provided they are true to form and actually LISTEN to what Billy Murphy says in the 3rd video below.

My 1st experience with Judge William H. "Billy" Murphy:

My 2nd experience with Judge William H. "Billy" Murphy:

My 3rd experience with Judge William H. "Billy" Murphy (partial transcription below). This video was posted to YouTube on February 20th, 2011. As a gay person, it's maddening to me that "Billy" Murphy can say the things he says in the video below and he's trotted out on all the cable news networks as some sort of "authority" on ANYTHING. But, Christians who refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding lose their business, are forced into hiding, and get fined $135K by the State of Washington. Right is wrong. Black is white. Down is up. Here, let "Attorney Billy Murphy" explain some more - oh, yeah...LANGUAGE WARNING...he swears (which doesn't bother me one bit) and he LOVES the n-word (as evidenced in the 1st video above and in this video - buckle up!):

From the beginning of the video:
...How many times do you got to be called a n*gger for a 20-year jail sentence to have an impact on your ass? You don't have to be called a n*gger once. You just got to be put in a cell for 20 years. It's the same sh*t. And, if they take away any chance for rehabilitation, while you are in jail. Cut off the contact with your family. Let the inmates run the jail. Let drugs into the jail, then you can see that this is not a good development for either the inmate or (for) society. And, so, for the last 30 years there has been at least 70% recidivism.

The inmates who come out of jail who have got the sentences for 5 years or longer. It's a failed policy.

And, then when you see that it's just black people and that black people's lives are being negatively impacted because you got all kind of freaky sex in jail. We might as well just come on out with it. There's one client of mine said there's 95% of the inmates are f*cking each other and the other 5% are liars. (laughter) Now, I don't know about that. (inaudible) You'll have to rely on other reporters to verify whether this is so.

But, the point is this (is) an AIDs factor. About that there's no doubt. Condoms are still not permitted in the jail systems in at least 40 of the states in the United States. And, so what we have is raw f*cking, with the most efficient means of transmitting AIDS yet known: anal sex.

And so, the (inaudible) is there. The numbers are there. Anybody in the epidemiology community can discuss these (numbers) with you very frankly. It's about a 20% in and about a 40% out (of prison) AIDs infection rate.

(We) still don't have...still don't have...uh...isolation for people that are HIV positive. They don't care. And, the women with...who have the highest likelihood of getting AIDs are not drug-addicted women but, they are heterosexual women who are waiting for their man to come back from jail to resume normal lives. Hence, the beginning of, what black women have described as, "the down-low".

"Down-low" - bisexuality and homosexuality among males of the black community is at an all time high and now it's a "lifestyle choice". It's a "lifestyle choice". It used to be understood that it was prohibited. It used to be in the closet. It ain't in the closet no more. It ain't been in the closet in about 10 years.

We got gangs now where you got to be gay to get into the gang. You got to perform gay sex acts to get into the gangs. It's a mess. And, one of the young filmmakers who's here today, (he's) behind the camera, was telling me that one of the projects he's researching is the development of "boy girls". Women who play masculine roles and there is a steep trajectory of the percentage of women who are now doing this in our community. They're confused people.

If you only read my partial transcript above, you're missing out on the tone of voice he uses as he speaks.

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