Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Draw Muhammad" Contest Held In Nebraska - Winner Announced! (VIDEO)

The man in the video below is my brother, Mike Dankert. I didn't know he was planning on making this video. It just showed up a couple hours ago in my Facebook inbox. It seems that my brother decided to hold his own "Draw Muhammad" contest this weekend. All is explained in the video below.

I spoke with Mike a few minutes ago and he had this to add:

"Everyone is always so afraid of saying something that will offend somebody. Political correctness is ridiculous and we shouldn't be afraid of anything. We shouldn't be afraid to voice our opinions. This is America and we have that right. Political correctness is killing our country. We shouldn't be worried about it and you should stand up for what you believe in. We shouldn't have to worry about our speech offending somebody."

Ditto, Mike. I totally agree. Thank you for taking a stand. I stand with you...and I do so with my guns.

*****UPDATE (Tuesday, June2, 2015 12:34PM CST)*****
Mike has uploaded another video!
See it here: Nebraska Man Initiates The "Draw Muhammad Challenge" (VIDEO) 1st Entry RECEIVED!

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