Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Short Message For My Christian Friends (VIDEO)

I was only going to post this on Facebook but I decided to include it here for any of my Facebook friends that are "away from Facebook" right now but might be subscribers to this blog.

The last half of this video is a short message from me to my Christian friends. I don't usually talk in my videos, but I did in this one. (Don't worry...there's no bad language in this video.) This video is only 2:29, it's certainly nothing earth-shattering, nor does it come anywhere close to including all of my views on the unconstitutional SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage...but, I wanted it to reach as many of you as possible.

I may have more to say on this subject later...and, I may not. Time will tell.

As with everything I post, feel free to share...if you so desire. Thanks!

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