Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bernie Sanders-Supporting, HRC-hating, Communist Taunts Pro-Open Carry Advocate Outside St. Louis Zoo

A few weeks ago (on June 13th) a union-supporting communist, Richard Johnson, approached an open-carry advocate who was legally standing on the sidewalk outside the St. Louis zoo. (That's when the video was uploaded to YouTube, anyway.) Open-carry has been banned at the St. Louis zoo...that's why the open-carry dude was on the sidewalk outside the zoo with 2 handguns in plain view (gasp!), one on each hip...because he can.

The Bernie Sanders-supporting, Hillary Clinton-hating, atheist, union-supporting, animal-loving, communist, also known as "Richard or Rich Johnson" has many public posts on his facebook wall. (That's how I know he's a Bernie Sanders-supporting, Hillary Clinton-hating, atheist, union-supporting, animal-loving, communist...even though he has a "Socialist Party" emblem as his profile picture.)


Here's the video of poor, communist Richard shaking like a scared little girl while speaking to the open-carry dude:

That was painful to watch.

*****UPDATE***** Friday, July 10th 8:13PM CST
It appears as though Rich Johnson has removed his entire YouTube channel. I guess the heat got too much for him to handle and he's buckled under all the pressure. I guess this means he won't be single-handedly taking away anyone's right to open-carry. Here's Rich's viral video (above) - posted on another YouTube channel:

*****END OF UPDATE*****

Here's poor, communist Richard tattling on the open-carry a police officer...

Cop doesn't care! Ha ha, Richard.

Poor communist Richard swears like an armed and drunken sailor in front of several kids in that 1st video...but, he thinks it's worse for children to see a gun (gasp!) on someone's hip...

I'm almost positive that what happens in THE FOLLOWING VIDEO would MORTIFY many more parents and children than anyone legally carrying a gun on their hip would...

Pissy kitty!

********Below you can see a few highlights from poor, communist Richard's facebook wall********
I don't know if this is Richard or not. It doesn't match his profile picture on his YouTube profile.
Whoever it is, they apparently think, and Richard evidently agrees, that
it's possible to  have piles of cash for yourself. in a communist society. 

This screen shot shows that Richard is seeking sympathy from his friends because he is afraid of
cleverly-constructed bits of metal (aka "guns") and it also shows what Richard "will do next time" he 
goes out in public and gets all skeered by someone wearing a gun on their hip.  

See the previous photo to know what Richard "will do next time". 

Yes, you do.  Otherwise you wouldn't be whining to your friends on Facebook
about all the "death threats and hate mail" you've received.

Richard is too stupid to understand that he is clearly losing this little comment battle on YouTube.  Just 2 hours ago he posted another comment under his viral video in which he NOW CLAIMS to want to see "CC" (concealed carry) come to an end...but, in the video, he said he SUPPORTS concealed carry.  His main complaint was about OPEN CARRY.  In his video, he implied that he, himself, was a supporter of concealed carry. 

Richard Johnson's current profile picture on Facebook. 

"Hate letters"?  Maybe communism IS better?  This guy seems to get his mail delivered every hour.
One hour he had 120 "hate letters", the next, he had 160 more "hate letters".  LOL!  

Bernie. Sanders. Supporter.
(Richard dislikes Obama too, not just Hillary Clinton, according to his own public Facebook posts.)

There's too much stupidity and ignorance to address in this picture Richard posted...just wanted you to see it.  :)

Um, yes, Richard. Isn't the Bill of Rights fun?

I hate your opinion, Richard. But, that doesn't mean I want to prevent you from expressing it. That's one major difference between "the likes of you" and "the likes of me". I don't want to stop you from being able to do what you want. Yet, you want to stop me from being able to do what I want...even when it comes down to protecting myself. If you had to give up your right to your opinion, I might have to give up my opinion and my guns...and, neither one of us would want that "solution", would we?

It's the same Bill of Rights that protects your right to speak out, Richard, and my right to speak out (and to carry a gun to protect myself from "the likes of you".) Richard, you'd be horribly depressed if you couldn't publicly make fun of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Christians, gun-owners, and animal abusers...while supporting socialist/communist causes...all in the same month, wouldn't you?

Maybe you should think about that for about a minute...I'm sure that would be the most time you've ever spent on the subject.

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