Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Does Sendvid Support ISIS? (UPDATED)


While perusing Twitter for ISIS accounts to "report" to Twitter, I come across many gross things...many...many sickening pictures, many gross videos, and many examples of human waste, more commonly referred to as "ISIS". Over the past few days I've been seeing a LOT of YouTube links that have been posted on these Twitter accounts belonging to ISIS members that have been removed by YouTube. This is great news! I have also been seeing a LOT of FRUSTRATION posted by ISIS members because they keep having to create NEW Twitter accounts (some of them have had more than 30 accounts) because their current one keeps getting taken down or "suspended" by Twitter.

What I have YET to see is ONE link on Sendvid to an ISIS video that has been removed. Not one. And, I've personally reported probably somewhere around 20 videos of these disgusting videos on Sendvid. In fact, when I see a new video posted on any ISIS Twitter account and there is a link to a YouTube video and a link to a Sendvid video, I don't even check the YouTube link (for anything other than to confirm that it has already been removed - and, if it hasn't, I report it if it is clear to me that it's an offending video). But, so far, I can always count on the video still being UP at Sendvid.

They have videos of ISIS murders, and ISIS recruitment videos, and videos that I would just generally categorize as "terrorist propaganda". I've reported them and that's not enough. Apparently, as is seemingly the case with ALL social media sites, more than ONE PERSON has to report an offending post for ANY action to be taken on it. I don't speak jibberish (Arabic) and most of these videos are in jibberish, so, it has to be pretty damn clear to me what it is that I'm seeing before I'll report it. So, when I report a video, it's a CLEAR violation of what all of these social media sites SAY that they're against ("no terrorist propaganda or disgusting images allowed"). Yet, nothing happens and the videos I report on Sendvid remain online.

It is because of this, that I have to ask, "Why?" WHY DOES SENDVID NOT REMOVE ISIS VIDEOS??? IF they are removing videos, I've YET to see ANY evidence of it. I've not come across ONE broken link yet to an ISIS video posted on Sendvid.

Even the Egyptian Ambassador to the United States Mohamed Tawfik had to contact Senvid via the Sendvid Facebook page about an offending video in April of this year. Note Sendvid's reply to him in the comment section:

Screen shot from the Sendvid Facebook page.

And, for good measure, here is the above post on Sendvid's Facebook page (the above screen shot is from the comment section underneath this post):

Here's the email I'm sending to Sendvid (along with the link to this blog post):

Why are you allowing ISIS videos of MURDER on your website?
Why are you allowing ISIS recruitment videos on your website?



I have "reported" both of these videos...and, many, many more....on your website and they still remain online.

Do you support ISIS? If you do, that's one thing.

If you don't, get off your butts and DO SOMETHING about them using your website as a "back-up" to their YouTube videos that are constantly getting taken down by YouTube.

Sendvid.com appears to be the 2nd-favorite video upload site of ISIS from everything that I've seen (mainly in Twitter postings which is being addressed HERE).

In the meantime, while you appear to be doing nothing about removing these videos, it appears as though you SUPPORT ISIS. Do you?

I'm also including my latest blog post in which I ask this same question:
Does Sendvid Support ISIS?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Shelly Dankert

If YOU would like to help disrupt ISIS online, please read THIS and get involved. You can also "report" those 2 videos I included above in my email to Sendvid. Anyone can report videos on that site. You don't need to be a member or sign-up for anything. Just hover your mouse on the "3 little dots" (circled in the below picture) at the bottom of any Sendvid video to report it.

Please, GET INVOLVED in helping to disrupt ISIS online. I'm beginning to see some effects on Twitter (or at least some FRUSTRATION being caused)...but, there are THOUSANDS of ISIS Twitter accounts that need to still be reported (I've seen some estimates as high as there being more than 45K different ISIS Twitter accounts). And, the more that get taken down, that many more are created. Every time an account is suspended, that person loses contact with everyone they'd made contact with. They're having to spend a TON of time re-establishing contact with their fellow heathens. Come be a part of screwing with their day.

Please share this post.

(If or when I begin seeing ISIS videos being removed from Sendvid's website, I'll post an update here on this very post.)

I have heard back from Sendvid via email. Here's the message I received (emphasis mine):
JUL 22, 2015 | 09:32AM PDT
Ingrid Muller replied:

Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. As a service provider, we try to promote freedom of speech and remain as neutral as possible to all groups regardless of their views. With that being said, we do work with several foreign and domestic agencies in removing videos that we deem to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

Our Terms of Service can be found in the following link: http://support.sendvid.com/customer/portal/articles/1743605-terms-of-service

If you encounter any videos that violate our TOS, we encourage you to report them to our abuse department at: abuse@sendvid.com

Kind Regards,

Sendvid Support Team

So...according to "Ingrid Muller" from the Sendvid Support Team, Sendvid DOES support the freedom of speech of ISIS!!!

One more note:
I said earlier in this post that I would update this post when I saw that Sendvid had removed one of these offending videos from ISIS. They did remove one of the two videos I included in my original email to them. They removed this one http://sendvid.com/gogc7y7h which depicted the assassination of 4 men in orange jumpsuits.

They DID NOT remove this one https://sendvid.com/25zwdx4i which is a "recruitment" video posted by ISIS...so...I guess we can expect more people to be killed by ISIS as they are still being allowed to recruit members via Sendvid.

To the Sendvid team: Thanks for that, Sendvid. It's so nice to know that you support the freedom of speech of one of the most disgustingly murderous movements to ever exist in human history. Really, you should be proud of yourselves for taking such a bold stand for the rights of all of the Christians, gays, and Muslims who "aren't Muslim enough" who are certain to be future victims who will be murdered by ISIS. You should also be especially proud of your support for the freedom of speech of a group of heathens who sell female infants and girls into sex slavery. I could go on listing the atrocities of ISIS, but what would be the point? ISIS will kill you, too...unless you're one of them. (Even then, I wouldn't count on your long-term survival. You'll eventually do something that violates their Sharia law and they'll saw your head off, too. Hey, maybe they'll let one of their "cubs" practice the art of beheading on you...or maybe they'll just burn you alive? Whichever, you will have played a part in your own demise.)

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