Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How Long Before Trump's "Brownshirts" Seriously Injure Or Kill Someone?

I don't want Donald Trump to be the President of the United States. I'm not alone. Because of that viewpoint, I've been called nearly every name in the book, I've been reported to Facebook, removed from Facebook groups, and I've been stalked on Facebook - all by Trump supporters - all within the past couple of weeks. I've had people who I know personally contact me via Facebook because I'm publicly outspoken about my dislike of the possibility of a Trump presidency and they've asked me to "please stop doing so." That won't be happening, just FYI.

Some of my Facebook friends have been threatened via Facebook for
their dislike of Trump.

Protesters at Trump rallies have been threatened, "roughed up," and they've been physically removed from events either by Trump supporters or with the aide of Trump supporters. Of course it's all on video - here are a FEW links to such videos:
Trump supporters get violent with silent protesters
Watch Protesters Get Dragged Out of Donald Trump Rally, And His Sharp Response
Protester kicked out of Trump rally after altercation
Trump-Loving ‘Celebrity Boxer’ BODYSLAMS Protester Who Called GOP Candidate a ‘FASCIST’!!

Donald Trump encourages his supporters to help remove people from his events and/or belittles the media for covering the protesters at his rallies:
Donald Trump Calls Men Who Handled Protester To The Stage in SC (2-16-16)
Donald Trump Tells Black Lives Matter Protester To Get The Hell Out (Birmingham, AL)
Protesters interrupt Trump rally
Black Lives Matter Supporter Removed From Donald Trump Rally In Alabama
Donald Trump Heckled At Sarasota Rally. "Please Nicely Escort The Person Out"
Donald Trump on rally protester: "Get him the hell out of here"

Two days ago, Katy Tur from NBC News posted the following on Twitter:
Katy Tur's tweet:

Screen shot of Katy Tur's tweet and 2 of the many replies to her (just for the record - Janice Dean is a meteorologist at FOX News):

And, just because I know Trump supporters, who don't know how to respond to an actual journalist who asks a REAL question of their favorite pussy-in-chief (oh, yes, there's much in that statement - maybe one of them will figure out exactly what it is that I "didn't say" and get back to me), I'll include this tweet from Megyn Kelly:
(Trump STILL hasn't answered the first question Megyn posed to him at the first FOX News debate. She should ask him the exact same question at the next debate...if he grows balls by then and actually shows up for the debate, that is.)

All of this antagonistic behavior from Trump, which shows zero signs of stopping anytime soon, is not good for individuals personally and it's not good for the United States of America as a whole. For Trump's supporters to wish upon the rest of the United States another 4 to 8 years of the kind of bullshit Obama has inflicted upon this country is downright offensive. (And if you were living in my dictatorship I'd put you all in jail for treason.)

We, as a country, have been dealing with Obama and the effects of all of his divisiveness for over 7 years now. The "fruits" of all of Obama's taunting, mocking, belittling, teasing, bullying, antagonizing, and insulting has brought about the creation of both the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements...both of which have been (in the case of OWS) and continue to be (in the case of BLM) highly divisive and exclusionary movements. They have both also been distinctly violent and overtly gross organizations.

What kind of "response" out of the people of the United States is a President Trump going to elicit?
(As if the evidence provided earlier in this post wasn't enough to make you wonder...)

If a Trump presidency were to spawn a movement, what kind of movement would that be? Would it be one in which the white nationalists (those that Trump can't seem to stop retweeting) become empowered to behave in the way of the OWS and BLM movements? Or will they rise IN RESPONSE to the BLM movement under Trump? One way or another, they're rising...

Ponder these headlines (and if you're smart, you'll click on them and read the stories):
Donald Trump’s Campaign Has ‘Reenergized’ the White-Supremacist Internet
More Than Half of Trump’s Retweets Are White Supremacists Praising Him
White supremacist groups see Trump bump
Data: 62% of the people Donald Trump RTed this week follow multiple White Supremacist accounts

Here are a few statistics that can be found by clicking on the link to that last headline:
"1,055 people have used the hashtag #WhiteGenocide and Trump’s name in the same Tweet in recent weeks."
"114 of the last ~2,000 people to use the word #WhiteGenocide have the word "Trump" in their Twitter bios."
"58% of the top 50 White Nationalist accounts on Twitter follow Donald Trump."

David Duke has "endorsed" Trump in much of the same "non-endorsing-way" that Jimmy Carter has "endorsed" him.

I've been sounding my muted horn for the past few weeks about what an awful person Donald Trump is.
If you excuse his wretched behavior, you're supporting him.
If you're supporting him, you must like the things he stands for (if you can figure out what those things are).
If you've endorsed him, you're totally in-bed with him.
(Get out now, Sarah Palin, while you still can.)
If you can't find ONE fault within him as a candidate for POTUS, please drop off the face of the earth.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

If you're hoping for him to be President of the United States and to govern in the way he's lived his life, have you even stopped to think about what that really means for ALL of us citizens of the United States? For the world as a whole? Does the fact that other freedom-loving people around the world are screaming for the United States to NOT elect Trump mean anything to you? Are you even aware that they even exist? Or do you only care that you're "mad" and someone, anyone, had BETTER BY-GOD LISTEN to and validate your yelps?

* Just because someone is massively opposed to Donald Trump does not make that person a member of the "establishment."
* It doesn't make them an "elitist."
*It doesn't make them any less of an America-lover than they've always been (in fact, I think it makes them more of one for repeatedly being willing to suffer the insults, threats, and degradation received from the average Trump supporter simply for voicing their opposition to you screeching harpies).
*It doesn't make them a participant in or a supporter of the antics from the "mainstream" or "lamestream" media.
*It doesn't make them "a liberal" or "a democrat"...which seems to be the favorite retort of many of the simple-minded, insult-driven Trump supporters who have, seemingly, for the the first time in their politically-inexperienced lives, found their "champion" in Trump's big, fat mouth. If you want to elect someone with a big, fat, foul-mouth to run the United States of America, I'm your Huckleberry.
*(Hey...if he can insult and swear, so can I. That which you love in one, you must love in all. Meaning: If you love Trump's behavior, you must love his same behavior when it is manifested in others. Your children ought to be wonderful little cretins for the rest of us to have to straighten out. Ugh...I shudder at the thought. Please, don't breed.)


Glenn Beck has been talking about "the Bubba effect" for a few years now. What is the Bubba effect? In short:
Glenn described that “The Bubba Effect” takes hold when:
1) People feel they’ve been pushed over the edge by an overbearing government or force
2) Someone responds with violence
3) The rest of the people, even though they know the violence was wrong, feel the government is worse so they support the person who lashed out “From there it just gets worse,” Glenn said.

Here are a FEW instances of Glenn discussing the Bubba effect:
March 2012: Will Trayvon Martin case lead to “Bubba Effect”
July 2014: Are we witnessing the beginning of the ‘Bubba effect’?
May 2015: Glenn Beck explains the "Bubba Effect"
Yesterday: David Barton: We Might Be On the Verge of Revolution

So, basically, "the Bubba effect" is when a group of morons within the USA begin a revolution. An ACTUAL REVOLUTION.....with guns and bullets, and your neighbor's blood, and their warm, smelly entrails strewn across your front yard. Does that sound like fun to you? No? Well, then, Trump supporters. Grow the f__k up. Soon. As opposed to "too late"...which would be evidenced by your neighbor's guts strewn across your front yard.

Yesterday on his radio show (3rd hour), Glenn talked to a man who had spent 10 days campaigning for a candidate other than Trump in South Carolina. (Does Trump even have people who go door-to-door? Or is the non-stop 24/7 FREE coverage, from the "nasty media" that he can't stop bitching about, taking care of that part of the campaign for the "poor" billionaire, too?)

Here's the video and if you'd prefer to read the relevant parts, I've transcribed them - you can find them beneath this video):

Glenn Beck: Let's go to Dan, quickly, in South Carolina. Hello, Dan. You're on the Glenn Beck Program.

Dan: Hey, Glenn. I'm actually in Chicago. I spent the past 10 days in South Carolina volunteering with a whole bunch of people from around the country. Um, it's one thing to describe all these people the way you've been doing, the Trump supporters, I'm talking about. And, we've all seen how they post online and everything (but) it's another thing to see them face-to-face and speak to them. I, uh, spent 12 hours a day, for the past 10 days, talking and going door-to-door and on the phones. And, uh, it's a scary reality, um, Trump supporters are, as you've said, angry. But, I had doors slammed on my face. I had people screaming profanities at me. I had one guy threaten me physically and another guy drive his truck, on the sidewalk, at me, with his wife and kid in the car when I was standing in front of a church where the voting was taking place (inaudible - "with a Cruz sign" or "at a Cruz site"? Not sure).

Pat Gray: Oh, my gosh.

Glenn Beck: Holy cow.

Pat Gray: Geez.

Dan: These people...and, this is a scary, scary reality of what's going on right now because I talked to a lot...there were 100's of us volunteering...and a lot of the female volunteers got too frightened to go by themselves door-to-door. They would want to have another, uh, male volunteer somewhere within sight or at least with them. Um, these people are becoming unhinged and, um, it is, um, you talk to them face-to-face and you will see UNHINGED bullies. And these are the kind of people I think about...if you're in a schoolyard and you got a bully beating up one kid and you got a crowd of other kids just cheering them on, these are the Trump supporters. And, if you know one in your family, or a friendship or whatever, you need to grab these people and talk to them face-to-face because they need to be woken up and the only times I ever saw a little success in dealing with these people is when you just talk to them dead-straight-on and challenge them, um, because soft-spokeness, uh, just trying to appeal to their intellect, it does not work. These are people who are just basically close-minded to everything but, their, their, like you said, "cultish support of the man" and, um, it is scary. It is very scary. (2:12)

{***SNIP*** I did not transcribe about 2 & 1/2 minutes of the video ***SNIP***}

At 3:40:
David Barton: I've never seen in my life an army respond so quickly, within seconds, to any comment. They're listening to everything. I've never seen people respond as fast as they do. It's instantly.

Glenn: Yeah. I don't think you need to pay people to do this. They're becoming quickly "brownshirts," uh, and it doesn't end well for brownshirts, honestly. It never does. Um...you look at any revolution. But, this is becoming very dangerous and this is the story that the press is NOT telling and they NEED to tell this story. This is becoming a very dangerous situation and it is the point of today's show. In looking at the exit polls in South Carolina, America, you are facing a revolution.

On many subjects Trump appears to be "winging it." He appears to me to be totally inept on every subject. (I'll list only a FEW):
He doesn't have a clue about "Islamists."
He doesn't understand why it's bad to continue to provide federal funding to Planned Parenthood.
He thinks that Scotland and Canada have good health care systems and wants ours to be similar to theirs.
He wants to deport illegal immigrants from the United States...only to let them back in through that "big, beautiful door" he can't shut up about.
He has ZERO understanding of why it's a "problem" for some Americans that the federal government controls so much land.
He doesn't appreciate freedom of speech for anyone other than himself (apparently).
He doesn't know what happened in Benghazi.
He doesn't know how Gaddaffi died.
He doesn't understand the terrorists Israel has to deal with on a daily basis ("Palestine" included.)
He had never heard of Sharia law until one day when he read it off of a paper at a campaign rally.
He doesn't believe one word of the bullshit he is feeding you.

Oh, my God..........as if any Trump-o-phile is still reading this anyway.

I understand ALL of these issues and I'm a dumb dog groomer that has lived for twenty-plus years in the type of house that many people (who have the same character flaws as Trump) love to use as a method of belittling me as a human.

So, Trump supporters:
If some less-than-human, dumb dog-groomer can understand ALL of these issues: WHY DOESN'T TRUMP? And, how come I'm not the one engaging in violence?

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