Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Texas Audience LAUGHS At Trump For Not Appearing On FOX News (VIDEO)

A special 2-hour presentation tonight on The Kelly File on FOX News includes a "face-to-face" with all of the GOP presidential candidates...except for Trump, who's scared of host Megyn Kelly.

Megyn keeps going out of her way to be polite about all things Trump...saying:
"Businessman and front-runner Donald Trump has a conflicting campaign event tonight in Virginia. We did offer to let him join us by sat..." (interrupted by laughter) "He does!" (more laughter) (continuing her sentence) " satellite. But his campaign said his schedule will not allow it. They were very polite and cordial."
Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are only two who have
appeared in-person with Megyn in front of the Texas audience for this special. John Kasich and Marco Rubio have joined Megyn via satellite which Trump could have easily done, too. Each candidate has received 30-minutes of air-time with limited commercial interruption during this 2-hour special.

I guess with all the daily butt-kissing the liberal Trump is receiving from the liberal media (they'll wait until he becomes the nominee to take him down) and from nearly everyone on FOX, Trump doesn't want or need another 30-minutes of free air-time on FOX News with Megyn Kelly...the 2nd-most viewed news show in prime time.

Since the first FOX News GOP debate, Trump has treated Megyn Kelly like crap because she asked him a question he was (and still is) incapable of answering. Trump is obviously scared to face Megyn again since conducting his asinine attacks on her. Trump also skipped the 2nd FOX News debate in which Megyn Kelly was one of the moderators.) Trump butt-kisser, Sean Hannity, had Trump on his show earlier this week for the whole hour in a very similar setting to the one on Megyn's show tonight.

Trump's ignorance was on full display throughout that full hour. He could barely answer any of the questions and was just plain ignorant about some of the issues when questioned by audience members.

Here's the entire FOX News "face-to-face" event that aired earlier tonight:

Here's the Hannity butt-kissing session with Trump from a couple days ago:

If Sean crawls any further up that hole he's going to require an emergency rescue.

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