Sunday, August 26, 2012

Code Pink's War on Men

What kind of sustained torture does a man have to go through to dress himself up as a vagina?

Ask Code Pink. They got one to do it...with them. But he doesn't look very happy about it.

My God man, where is your dignity? Have these "women" beat it out of you? Where is the equality in this? One of the women in the video below says "this is equality day!" Not for this poor guy. He must be really hard up. It's obvious that he's willing to do anything to get it, too.

Screen shot from the video below:

These "women" have made themselves some vagina costumes to wear outside the RNC in Tampa. Several of the "vaginas" have a sign that reads: "Read my lips (haha) stop the war on women".

So far today I've posted about vulgarity & death threats from the left. I wonder what could possibly be next? I'm scared to let my mind ponder that.


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