Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here We Go Again ..."Let's Start A 3rd Party"...Ugh!

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Every 4 years it's the same ol' thing. People within each political party are "sick of it" and a few begin talk of branching away and starting a third party. It usually only lasts for a very short time. As most people eventually recognize that a 3 party system will achieve none of the goals of the new breakaway party. In fact, it would probably take 3 or 4 generations to begin to see ANY success of the new party, if ever!

If the Republicans divide into two groups, the Republicans and the Conservative party, for example, their vote is split at every election and the Democrats win everything. Who the hell wants that!?! Who the hell would willingly set themselves up to lose in such fashion in the first place!?!

The third party, who is acting on their beliefs (which is honorable & understandable), is really only screwing themselves by willingly forfeiting everything to the Democrats.

Third party talk drives me INSANE. I voted for a 3rd party candidate in a presidential election once. The name of that candidate was Ross Perot. It was because so many people voted for Perot, who would have otherwise voted for George Bush, that Bill Clinton wound up as president...for eight years. What the hell good did that do? The ONLY point that was proven, and the lesson that I learned (I don't need to learn it again), is that a 3rd party is a BAD IDEA.....unless you're willing to kiss ALL of your ideals goodbye. It's an idea that, by my observation and experience, is most often brought up by those who are newly involved in the political process.

In politics, as in life, it's better to get something that you want as opposed to getting nothing that you want.

No party platform will ever include 100% of what I want. There will also never be an individual candidate with whom I agree 100%. I usually choose, from what I perceive at the time, the lesser of the two evils (candidates). It is an unfortunate reality that that is the way it is in American politics. The 3rd party is a fantasy. NOT voting is irresponsible, stupid, and the epitome of UN-American. Either vote for the lesser of the two evils or get the hell out of the game.

Have those of you who are now discussing starting a 3rd party forgotten what happens when the Democrats have total control of Congress and the White House? Does "Obamacare" sound familiar to you??? Or have you already forgotten the way Nancy Pelosi walked through that crowd of Tea Partiers with that gigantic gavel, mocking EVERYONE who disagreed with what they were about to do? We could protest. We could yell. We could write, email, fax, & make phone calls. And we did. All they had to do was ignore us. And they they marched on to pass Obamacare. That is what happens when one party has total control of our government. If you do not vote AGAINST Obama this time around, YOU will be partially responsible for ALLOWING OBAMACARE TO STAND!!! You will no longer be able to feign your phony outrage at Chief Justice Roberts for his allowing Obamacare to stand. You will BE him.

Those of you, who identify as Conservatives, who aren't going to vote against Obama in this election, you are of zero use to this country. You either recognize that eliminating Obama from the White House is the most important political decision you will ever make in your lifetime, or you don't. And, if you don't recognize that, what use are you to America's future? In my book, you're worth nothing.

I'm not a Romney supporter. I'm not happy that he will be our alternative to Obama. However, I, a Conservative, will vote AGAINST Obama this coming election. (For those of you who have trouble figuring out what that means, it means I will vote for Romney.) If you, as a Conservative, do not vote against Obama, you are as big of an enemy AS Obama, to me. Get the hell out of my country. You have no business here.

Think I'm "a shill for Romney"? Kiss mine. I made the "Not Romney" video below. I'm not a Romney supporter. I'm a Palin supporter...and, we're just stuck with this loser this time around. As bad as he is, he isn't AS BAD as Obama! Think Obama's first term was bad? Just wait until he doesn't have to worry about being re-elected. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Want to risk it while you stand on your flimsy political "knowledge"? Either get the hell out of my country or stop participating in politics because you have NO CLUE what you're doing.

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