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Sarah Palin's Earthquake Members Threatened With Bodily Harm By Conservative Blogger

I've been a member of Sarah Palin's Earthquake (SPE) since October 7, 2011. I've made about 20 or 30 videos for the cause, multiple blog posts, probably hundreds (if not thousands) of Facebook and Twitter posts (mostly Facebook). I'm no longer as much of an active member as I used to be. The fact that I'm no longer as active with the group as I used to be doesn't change my allegiance to the group. I was there when FOX News was reporting on our activities and we received the wrath of everyone in the country who disagreed with what we were attempting to do - we were hoping to encourage Sarah Palin to reconsider her decision to NOT run for president in 2012. As time moved on and the political season "matured," for lack of a better word, I moved on from our original mission as well.

Nevertheless, I've stayed up-to-date on the goings on in the SPE group (I'm still an administrator in the group) and have been mostly aware of what their current agenda is - trying to get Sarah Palin nominated at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week.

Throughout all of the time I've been a member of the group, we've been called names (crazy, delusional, nuts, stupid, retarded, etc.), we've been told to stop what we're doing (by "prominent" PRO-Palin blogs like Conservatives4Palin), we've been told to "respect Sarah's decision" to not run (as if saying "no" to us was a big problem for Sarah Palin - which, she never did, btw - as if Sarah Palin doesn't possess the ability to tell a bunch of her supporters to "stop" - what do these people think of Sarah?), our members, and our group as a whole, have been mocked by liberal blogs. We've heard it all...from all sides.

Yet, a core group of Palin supporters has remained steadfast in their determination to see Sarah Palin as president in 2012. This, apparently, is a big problem for some people. We are Sarah Palin supporters! Do you think what you say is going to stop us from our mission? Do you know anything about Sarah Palin? She's not one that goes with the flow. Why do you expect that a group of her supporters will do as you wish? Imagine a bunch of Sarah Palin supporters that are just like her in tenacity! Crazy, huh? Delusional, right? Just like Sarah? Maybe YOU are not a "real Sarah Palin supporter?" Bet that thought never crossed YOUR mind, right? No, no...of course not. It's everyone else on earth that is "nuts," not YOU.

Even with all of the mocking by self-entitled "Palin supporters" and liberal bloggers and commenters all over the internet, our group had never been threatened with bodily harm. Until today.

Definition of "terroristic threats" from the blog in Texas - as our offender resides in Texas - according to his Facebook page (Emphasis is MINE.):
According to the Texas Penal Code, a person can be charged with the offense of terroristic threat if he/she “threatens to commit any offense involving violence to any person or property with intent to place any person in fear of imminent, serious bodily injury.


Usually, this sort of offense is the result of an argument between two people in an amorous relationship. Therefore, if you have an argument with someone else, be careful what you say. Saying that you are going to kill someone or that you are going to seriously hurt someone with the intent to scare the other person, even if you don’t plan to hurt that person, might actually place you in a bind.

Go HERE to read the rest.

Really? Really. According to my understanding of the above description of a "terroristic threat", we just received one.

So, what was said to an entire group of about 370 people? What was posted in multiple Facebook groups and on his own Facebook wall by the offender? See the screen shot of one of the posts below.

Who is this holier-than-thou, self-appointed, "Palin defender" that threatened us?

He is Gary P. Jackson of the "A Time For Choosing" blog. Gary is also a contributor to the website.

What DOES Gary know about the Earthquake group? Not much...anymore. Here is a screen shot from the comment section on his own blog from February of this year:

You see, Gary Jackson used to be a member of our Earthquake group. We've been familiar with his "work" for quite some time, for several months, in fact. I'm actually the one that banned Gary from our group back in January for attacking another member who was promoting Newt Gingrich as a candidate. Apparently, in February, the all-knowing Gary Jackson still wasn't aware that he'd been banned from the Earthquake a month prior. His post in the screen shot above, where he stated that he was a member of the Earthquake was made on February 29th. I banned him on January 28th, as evidenced in the screen shot below:

So, there has been "bad blood" between us before, but since I removed Gary from our group, I really haven't had much to do with him on Facebook. Actually, as of the time I'm writing this post, he's still on my friend list on Facebook. When Gary threatened ALL of the members of our group with bodily injury, I decided that it was time to write this blog post. There is still discussion within the Earthquake group about whether or not we will explore the possibility of seeking a legal remedy. We realize that Gary was probably just mad and was blowing off steam when he stated: "If I EVER see one of you delusional Palin Earthquake clowns in person, you have an ass-whipping coming." However, we have several members who are not necessarily spring chickens, nor are they used to receiving threats, and a threat like this is extremely unsettling to them. As of the time of the writing of this post it is still unknown what, if any, further action we will seek.

I can take it. I deal with bigger asses than Gary Jackson. I know he's a blowhard, loud-mouth, know-it-all, all-important blogger who believes that his next blog post is going to save the world. I get it. He's full of himself. Everything he does or says is 10 times more important than anything you will ever say. And, don't you ever doubt that. If you do, he'll be certain to tell you all about how wrong you are. Hell, he may even threaten YOU with bodily harm.

I'll be addressing most of Gary's statements that he made in his Facebook post. Below is the next one:

Romney's bloggers are especially vicious and using YOUR actions to RUTHLESSLY attack the Governor and spread lie after lie.

Gary is apparently operating under the assumption that we have some control over the lies that are reported about the Earthquake group. One such lie can be found HERE. It's a blog post that was written by Jared Allebest who is a Romney blogger who LINKED TO a "story" (more like a gossip post) that was written by a Ron Paul fan that is accusing Sarah Palin of being the one that sent "the packets to the delegates". "The packets" that were sent to the delegates originated in the Earthquake group. Sarah Palin is not a member of our Earthquake group. I'm pretty sure Gary knows this.

In case there is any doubt where Sarah Palin is this weekend, I can put an end to that right now with this video - watch it or shut up about her being in Tampa - she's been in Arizona all weekend - unless they opened the Tampa airport just for her plane - if you don't know, Hurricane Isaac has caused the Tampa airport to close:

More from Gary:
Many of us asked nicely [at first] then not so nicely for all of this to stop. You wouldn't listen.

Why should we listen to you? Who are you? Who are any of you who have seen fit to tell us Earthquake members how to spend our time? What we do with any of our time or money is none of your damned business! If you think we're harming Governor Palin, you're just plain ignorant about what we've been up to. You're probably visiting too many of those blogs that write about us and have no clue what the hell they're saying. Oh yes, there are PRO-Palin blogs that have written many lies about us, too. It's like one of you "anti-Earthquake" jerks gets a crazy idea in your head, you all discuss it, and all-of-a-sudden, to ALL OF YOU, it's the "truth".

Hell, Conservatives4Palin BANNED you clowns, and yet you wouldn't stop.

I've not been banned from C4P. Some people may have been banned from commenting there, but what of it? Who said that C4P is the be all and end all of all things Palin? I've been a Palin supporter since 2007 and the first time I ever visited C4P was after I became a member of the Earthquake on October 7, 2011. No offense to C4P but, there are many Palin supporters that don't plan their day according to what takes place on that website. Again, I've not been banned there. C4P has even posted about our group. Naturally, the usual suspects were always present in the comment section and were more than willing to bash our efforts. We have our supporters there, too. In fact, several people that frequent C4P's website are very active members in the Earthquake!

There's a reason why we asked you to stop. NOW we are having to deal with the fruits of your poisoned tree.

Again, who appointed Gary Jackson "Palin-defender extraordinaire"? Wasn't me. Why the hell is Gary blaming the Earthquake for what someone else posted erroneously posted on "TheDailyPaul"? That's like telling Governor Palin that she shouldn't leave her house for fear that someone might report her as having gotten a different haircut. People are gonna write what they're gonna write. A great example of this Gary, is here: If you wouldn't have written what you wrote all over Facebook and on several blogs, I wouldn't be writing this post right now. Oh, and there's still that whole "terroristic threat" thingy, too. We'll have to get back to you about that.

Be warned, you have caused a lot of hard working Palin supporters a hell of a lot of grief. You have harmed Sarah in ways we won't fully understand for some time. You've harmed her efforts to help Conservatives trying to get elected to Congress. WORSE, you've made her the subject of ruthless attacks. Attacks based on your delusional vision.

Gosh, Gary has some highly-exaggerated ideas about how much weight the Earthquake group carries. If we had only known how much power we had...who knows what we'd be up to today!?! We should be the rulers of the universe by now! (According to Gary.)

Now PLEASE CEASE and DESIST with your lunacy. You've done enough damage already!

Again, the name-calling is old. The "instructions" on how we should behave is old, too. We're used to the name-calling. It's the threat of bodily injury that has us most concerned. As far as how much "damage" we've done - the only damage appears to be in YOUR HEAD, Gary. Well there, and in the mind of a couple of piss-poor Ron Paul and Romney bloggers, and in the minds of all the other "PRO-Palin" bloggers who've made it their duty to trash or bash our efforts since last October. I've always found it ironic that so many of those who call us delusional, or stupid, or whatever the adjective-of-the-day is, were guilty of being exactly what they were accusing us of being. They called us delusional, when they were ignorant of what we were really doing. They called us stupid, when they hadn't even made an effort to get the full story straight from us. Irony is fun, isn't it?

So, now what? The Earthquake will do what they want. You aren't going to stop them. That's what.

Before I end this post, I'm going to include a statement written by Sandra Bailey, the founder of the Earthquake groups. This is a statement that she wrote late last night and it appears here in its entirety with her permission:

I am posting this on the Earthquake Movement page since I know it will be noticed by those spreading lies and spies from other groups.

MEMBERS: It has come to my attention that over the last couple of days lies have been circulated about our group and Governor Sarah Palin.

1. LIE: Governor Palin is in Tampa trying to orchestrate her being nominated at the convention.

TRUTH: Governor Palin is in Arizona preparing to stump for some candidates she has endorsed, IN ARIZONA.

2. LIE: Sarah Palin is responsible for the delegate packets and CDs we mailed out.

TRUTH: Governor Palin has nothing to do with the information we sent out to as many delegates as we could find.

We have always been truthful and above-board on everything we have done as a group. We have nothing to hide. We have never sought or received permission from her on anything we have done. She is not behind our efforts.

As far as I know this is a free country. We have free speech last time I looked.

The packets were sent out for two reasons. The first was to educate delegates on her accomplishments, experience and where she stands on the issues facing this country. IF an Open Convention were to occur, we wanted to have an opportunity for information on her to be out there (the TRUTH). It would be in the hands of the delegates and maybe they would consider asking her to get in the process.

Secondly, since the LSM and GOPe did not seem to think that was as important as who provided her with her wardrobe during the 2008, we took this opportunity to try to clear up some of the mis-truths that have been perpetuated by the media over her record. We were trying to have her back.

The fact that individuals from other campaigns are slandering her, should not be a surprise to anyone. She has taken the high road when speaking of their candidates, too bad the bloggers have not done the same. Their candidates will need us to back them if they wish to beat President Obama. This is not a good way to convince us that we want to associate with them. They may want to rethink their strategy.

The other disturbing situation that I have chosen before now to ignore comes from other Sarah Palin groups and former members of our groups on facebook. I will address them now.

Many of you think very highly of yourselves and believe you are authorities on Sarah Palin. Believe it or not there are Sarah supporters who are no longer members of your group (their choice, not yours) who actually don't think you are the know-all, do-all's. They are very saddened that your groups have turned into nothing more than petty, elite acting, closed minded sites. I have seen many known trolls receiving your favor while you ban those who support Sarah Palin, just because they like us too. I have actually seen you accept lies as truths on your threads when we are being bashed by individuals who I have taken on for calling the Governor vile things. You might want to check who your posters are.

Since you seem to think you know exactly how Governor Palin feels about everything, you might want to remind yourselves that she probably would not be pleased with some of the comments you have made about us. Soul searching time is something you might want to work into your schedules. What you are saying and doing is very reminiscent of those who wish to discredit her.

Just so you are clear on this fact, I would rather hang out with our members who do more than sit on their hands, whining about who the choices are and who have the steel spines to put up with being maligned, because they know in their hearts, when the truth is told, they are doing exactly what Sarah Palin would do herself. No dead fish here. FYI....We are Here, We are Clear and We are not going anywhere. Get use to it and get over yourselves. I am proud of everything we have done. God Bless you Earthquake members. We will continue.

Written by Sandra Bailey

Sandra Bailey is a woman that has been maligned by everyone that has had an opinion about the Earthquake groups. This is a woman that I didn't even know one year ago. This is also a woman that I know well enough by now to know that she will never bow to anyone else's wishes. I know because I've tried to get her to bow to some of mine! She never did. I thought I was stubborn! She's even been accused of being "my puppet"...which just cracks me up every time I think of it. There have been some pretty heavy-hitting Palin-related names that have attacked the Earthquake group (and Gary Jackson isn't one that I'm referring to here) but, Sandra has never wavered in her mission. No matter who has attacked her, Sandra has remained loyal to her goal of supporting Governor Palin. It is because of Sandra's loyalty to her mission that I have the utmost respect for her. It would probably do many of the so-called "Palin supporters" some good to have an ally like Sandra...or at least a few of her stellar qualities. After all, Sandra isn't one that will ever give up on Governor Palin. Loyalty like that doesn't come cheap - and she's paid the price.

In the words of the late Rodney King, "Can we all get along?" That remains to be seen. We'll see how much more we are maligned...and/or threatened.

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