Friday, September 14, 2012

Afghanis Burn Obama In Effigy (VIDEO)

Today a few Muslims in Afghanistan joined the anti-American protests that are currently sweeping the Middle East and they burned an effigy of President Obama. Below are a couple of screen shots from the video, which is included below.

Note what is on the t-shirt on the effigy in the first picture.

President Obama burned in effigy in Afghanistan.

I can't stand President Obama and I believe that his policies, behaviors, and comments are more likely the cause of all the anti-American protests currently happening in the Middle East, rather than the poorly-made, badly-acted, and cheesy "Innocence of Muslims" almost 14-minute-long trailer (it's NOT a film, as is being widely-reported, it's a long trailer FOR a film) that paints Islam's hero, the prophet Mohammed, as gluttonous and sex-crazed. HOWEVER, no matter how much I do not like President Obama, I do NOT like the images of ANY U.S. president being burned in effigy.

Reuters news report - Obama burned in effigy in Afghanistan:

See the film that is reportedly causing all the protests for yourself below. You've been warned - it's cheesy as hell.
"Innocence of Muslims" (13:51)

Two of the "actors" (term used loosely) in the "movie" (used loosely) say they were fooled by the filmmaker (again, term used loosely) about what kind of movie this was to be:
'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Says She Was Duped by Filmmaker

Actor in anti-Islam film said he was duped


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