Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flooding And Heartbreak In Louisiana (VIDEOS)

I haven't been seeing much in the news about the flooding on the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Isaac. Maybe I just haven't been watching the right TV stations or reading the right websites. Or maybe, because Barack Obama is the president, the media just isn't reporting as much on Hurricane Isaac as they did on Hurricane Katrina when George Bush was in office. The media wouldn't want to make poor Barry feel bad by reporting about the lives of American citizens who are enduring a natural disaster while he's in office. Nevertheless, I decided to go looking on YouTube tonight for some first-hand reports of the flooding. I found what I was looking for.

Below are several videos uploaded by the same man, Steve Spell II, who is living in the middle of the flooding in Springfield, LA. He's recording really high-quality videos with his cell phone and sharing his experience with us. His young daughter Hannah also does some narrating on a few of the videos. As far as I can tell after watching all of his flood-related videos, Steve, his daughter Hannah, and Steve's mother are the only 3 people at this home in Springfield, LA.

I've included several videos from his YouTube channel below. However, Steve has a total of 21 flood-related videos on his YouTube channel so far. I'm including the ones that I thought were some of the most interesting. If you want to see his other videos go to his YouTube channel HERE. Subscribe to his channel; I'm sure he'll be uploading more in the coming days.

The videos below are included in chronological order. The most interesting (to me) are videos #5 and #6 toward the end of this post. I'm including my own brief description of what you'll see in each video, the title of each video, and the description that Steve included under each of his following videos on YouTube. The reality on the ground is depicted in all of these videos. Reality is rarely comfortable.

Video #1 - Steve is on the highway as the hurricane is hitting his area. He stops on a bridge and shows that the water in the river below is now running the wrong way as it is being forced up-river by the high winds. (1:29)

Urgent! Isaac pushes water into Louisiana
Steve wrote:
The water is going the wrong way urgent if you are in lower parts of Livingston Parish hunker down and get ready! A flood of historical proportions is coming!! Get to High ground and get ready. Hurricane Ike Rita Gustaf none can compare to hurricane Isaac.

Video #2 - This video is truly heart-breaking as Steve and his mother explore the lower level of their house to see if they can find anything they can still use or salvage. Steve is crying - while out of the earshot of his daughter - he doesn't want to upset her. It's an unbelievable first-hand look at a family discovering that their lives have just been turned upside down. This video is also a study in the "normalcy bias" as Steve's mother appears to be more concerned with recovering the sugar and cream for her coffee than rescuing her stranded cat or even the possibility of being electrocuted. (8:46)

Hurricane Isaac Causes chaos as flood waters rise
Steve wrote:
All of our things were floating some of them up to our waist and chest high. We are sad we have lost it all we picked everything up higher than we thought it needed to be but this storm just came in and hit us with wind and rain until it was all over and there is nothing left but ruin. This is the makings of a very long day.

Video #3 - Steve's daughter Hannah shot and narrated this video. You get some perspective from the mind of an approximately 10-year old girl. This all seems like just another day to her, which is comforting to hear. (3:16)

Fighting Isaac! Hurricane flooding
Steve wrote:
Trying hard to get ready but this storm was big fast and powerful. Hurricane Isaac pummels Louisiana dumping water wind rain tragedy.

Video #4 - Steve comes across an elderly neighbor in need while rowing around his neighborhood in his canoe. He goes to check on his own family before returning to help her. (1:04)

Hurricane Isaac. The apocalypse
Steve wrote:
We are suffering here. This water has got to go down fast soon please God have mercy on our souls.

Video #5 - Steve, Hannah, and Steve's mom return to their neighbor Shirley's home to assist her with her five little dogs who have been treading water for a long time. This is a look at some of the harsh reality of what is happening in this flood. (4:29)

Frantic dog rescue! Hurricane Isaac drowns dogs
Steve wrote:
Ms Shirley's dogs were drowning one by one. It's hard to be everywhere at once. Hurricane Isaac is taking a horrific toll on all of us out here. These animals were treading water and about to drown. Two other dogs had already drowned from the ravaging effects of this storm. Prayers for all.

Video #6 - Steve goes for another row in his canoe around his neighborhood. He speaks with neighbors who are still at their homes, in boats, on land, and wading through the flood waters. This video provides a great look at the level of water and damage the people in Springfield, LA are dealing with. (15:00)

The longest row. Isaac floods louisiana
Steve wrote:
I made a prop on my pirot with my iPhone 4 and paddled my way out of the neighborhood you can see the devastation and how this storm has impacted our lives this 15 minute video is historical evidence of this horrific flood.

If you'd like to see the new videos that Steve will most likely be posting you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or just check-in for his most recent uploads HERE.

God bless Steve, his family, and all of the many families on the Gulf Coast that are enduring the tragic effects of Hurricane Isaac.

If you'd like to donate to the relief effort, the Red Cross is asking for donations.

You can donate by calling the American Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or online at

A $10.00 donation can also be made by texting “RED CROSS” to 90999.

Video from

Red Cross needs donations for Isaac

***UPDATE*** September 1, 2012 5:54AM CST
I came across this video and thought I'd post it in case the information contained in it may be of some use to you or to someone you may know in the hurricane-affected areas of Louisiana. It's a video from the owner of Surgi's Heating and Air Conditioning announcing they'll be open through Labor Day weekend, including Monday, and will be charging their NORMAL RATES (no weekend rate/no holiday rate). Share it with someone if it can be of use to them. They're also offering special financing if you are in need of a new A/C system. (No, I'm not being compensated for posting this - I just thought someone may find it useful.)

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