Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Lying Obama Campaign YouTube Ad - COMMENT on YouTube!

I recently began a new YouTube channel for the sole purpose of uploading all of the Obama campaign ads. My reason for doing this is so that YOU can have the opportunity to post whatever comment you'd like under the Obama campaign videos. On the official YouTube channel of the Obama campaign, "BarackObamadotcom", they moderate all the comments. There are no negative comments about Obama under those ads on YouTube. The campaign won't allow them.

On my new channel, "barackobamadotcomII", you can comment freely on all of the Obama ads. I upload the new videos shortly after the Obama campaign adds the new videos to their channel.

Last night, I reported that the Obama campaign had lied about Mitt Romney again in their latest campaign email by selectively editing comments he'd made at a private fundraiser. Just a little while ago, the Obama campaign uploaded the video below which is related to the lying campaign email they sent out last night.

The video below is posted on my new channel where you can post any comment you'd like about the content of their ad and/or Obama. Click on the title of the video in the video player to be taken to YouTube so you can thumb down the video and leave a comment. (Subscribe, too! Click on the box to be notified of new uploads via email, also. That way, I won't have to remind you with every video that I upload to this channel, they'll just show up in your email inbox.)

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