Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gov. Heineman Please Declare A Statewide Day of Prayer for Drought Relief in Nebraska

This is a plea to Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman to declare a statewide day of prayer for drought relief, economic relief, and whatever other "relief" for our state and/or nation that he would see fit to include. I actually think it would be a great idea if he could coordinate this effort with the Governors of surrounding states, as well.

(I feel compelled to include the following statement: Inevitably, some moron will read this and think that they will be FORCED to pray, this is ONLY for those who WISH to participate!!! Leave the rest of us ALONE who WANT to participate in this day of prayer. Go do your own thing on that day and we will leave you alone as you do. Thank you.)

My main concern is the drought and that is the reason I'm writing this post. Nebraska/Nebraskans have endured and are enduring multiple wildfires, lack of hay, high food prices (for people AND cattle) brought on by this devastating drought. These conditions are only going to get worse as this drought continues. The increasing price of energy is another major concern for many of us as this heat just won't subside. Right now, it's 9:15 PM on September 2 in northeast Nebraska and it is 87 degrees outside.

Government can't fix this, however, government may be able to HELP fix this by calling for a day of prayer within our state. I'm not a very religious person and even I believe that a statewide day of prayer could ONLY help. It would take substantial courage on the part of Governor Heineman to call for such a thing, however. It would be a great idea, for those who are so inclined, to pray for him and his family as he ponders this request and deals with ALL business that affects Nebraska.

A little over a year ago in the state of Texas Governor Rick Perry declared August 6, 2011 "A Day of Prayer and Fasting for Our Nation". Below is a look at the drought conditions across the state of Texas from August 2, 2011 prior to the August 6th day of prayer in Texas. (All images below are from the U.S. Drought Monitor which is maintained at the University of Nebraska.)

Next is a look at the most recent drought conditions in the state of Texas. There are still some trouble spots, but things have drastically improved statewide since the day of prayer in Texas.

Now, here is a look at the drought conditions here in Nebraska from just over 3 months ago (May 29, 2012).

Here is a look at the most recent conditions for Nebraska posted on the U.S. Drought Monitor for August 28, 2012.

Governor Heineman, I hope you'll consider my request. We need a kind of relief that you alone can't provide. Thank you.

Nebraskans and friends of Nebraska, please share this post with whomever you can. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, email it, print it out and mail it if you want. Just please help this get to Governor Heineman. Our state needs relief! Thank you!

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