Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matt Drudge Has Fun With "Weiner" Headlines (VIDEO Included)

Seriously, how do you write a headline that involves Anthony Weiner?

Matt Drudge, affectionately referred to hereafter as "Drudge", of the "Drudge Report" writes headlines that are often informative, entertaining, and sometimes include double meaning or sarcasm. Over the past week Drudge appears to have been having a ball massaging his schtick when it comes to the headlines he's been writing in relation to the latest sexting scandal involving former Congressman and current NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

I'll let the headlines speak for themselves. Not all of the headlines are hilarious or dripping with double entendres, but several of them are. I've taken over 20 screenshots of the Drudge Report via the Drudge Report Archives and they're all included below.

If you'd prefer to see the following headlines in video form, I've included all of them in a video at the bottom of this post. (Or you can click this link to be taken to YouTube to watch it right now.) Audio clips from various news and comedy personalities are also included in the video.

Here are the screenshots of the Drudge Report:

"ERECTION UPDATE: WEINER STAYS IN" (Double groaner. And a "yuck"!)

"Dirty Weiner"..."pressure pull out"..."presses ahead". Drudge. Please. Stop.

"HUMALIATION" - A play on Weiner's wife's name - Huma Abedin.

..."goes limp"... (Another groaner.)

"POLL: Weiner goes soft". Ba dum bum.

"Weiner Vows To Stick It Out" - Lord, NO! That's what got him INTO this trouble. Enough already.
..."private eye"...

..."private eye"...

..."private eye"...

..."private eye"...changing in 3, 2, 1...

Now it's ..."private dick"...

"Shrivels" - HA!

"Poll: Younger Women Love Weiner" - Ya don't say?

"Obama Hasn't Expressed Opinion" - About "Weiner"? So many people wish he would...about "weiner", not "Weiner".

"Shrinkage"!!! Awesome.

Drudge changed the spelling of the word "poll" to "pole" in this shot. That is all that is different between this shot and one one above:

"SLASHES WEINER..." A la Bobbitt???

The End.

As of 6:08PM Eastern time last night all headlines involving the "Weiner" story had disappeared from the Drudge Report. There's always tomorrow...

In the meantime, I'm trying to come up with an appropriate (or at least, "non-offensive") title for my video below. So far, all I have come up with are these titles:
Drudge Plays With Weiner
Drudge Toys With Weiner
Drudge Strokes Weiner
Drudge Sticks It To Weiner
Drudge OWNS Weiner
Drudge Puts Weiner In His Place
...Good grief...I give up.

Here's "Drudge & Weiner" offense intended toward you, Drudge:
Here's the video version of the above screenshots - commentary from news and comedy personalities included (you decide who is the "news person" and who is the "comedian"):

Without Andrew Breitbart, this "Weiner scandal" may not have come to light. With a BIG H/T to Breitbart, here's the day Andrew "took over" the first post-scandal Anthony Weiner press conference from June of 2011:

Want to know why Andrew "took over" that press conference? Listen to him explain it here:

Here's a video about case you're not familiar (aka: living under a rock). This is from April of 2013 - from "The Five" on FOX News:

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