Saturday, July 20, 2013

Q: When Has Zimmerman Had Enough? A: "When the Government Decides." (VIDEO)

Photo credit: The Blaze
Best-selling "faction" (mix of fact & fiction) author Brad Thor got into a heated discussion with the hosts of local Chicago morning show "Windy City Live" yesterday. The heat came while discussing the offer Brad made via Twitter to buy George Zimmerman a new gun. Obama's willing accomplice and race-baiting "chief law enforcement officer" Attorney General Eric Holder has placed a hold on all evidence from the Zimmerman trial. The evidence from the trial includes George Zimmerman's gun which he used to defend his own life while sustaining an "MMA-style ground and pound" beating from Trayvon Martin.

(For more background info on this story see the links beneath this video.)

I'm happy to NOT be one of those Americans who willingly associates with people who believe that government control is a good thing. I have no trust in government...nor do I trust those who do.

I wonder when the government will decide to restore the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens of Chicago?

See Brad Thor's entire 7-minute interview HERE.

To view Brad's tweets on the subject and for more background information see THIS STORY on The Blaze.

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