Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart's Cause of Death - Conspiracies (VIDEO) *UPDATED - NEW VIDEO ADDED*

Andrew Breitbart's friends at PJ Media have posted a video celebrating Andrew's life. Hopefully this video will help those of you who find yourselves afflicted with the "conspiracy theory mentality" regarding Andrew's sudden and untimely death.

You will actually have to watch the video, though. It is 20-minutes long. Some of you who are so "conspiracy-minded" may find this a challenge to sit through.

As evidenced in the video below, his close friends are NOT surprised by his death. Why are you? Because you didn't know him? Because he was only 43-years-old? Because he was planning to release some potentially incriminating evidence against President Obama? The evidence is still going to be released. Andrew's family says the cause of his death was "probably a heart-attack."

I'm shocked at the news of his death because I didn't know him and had no idea that he had a history of heart problems. That doesn't make me jump to the conclusion that he was murdered. I find it downright disgusting that some of you are jumping to that conclusion. I find it hideously disrespectful and insulting to his entire family and all of his friends. This is about the death of a good man; this is not about a simple decision, video, article, or a comment that someone made or wrote. A good man is no longer among the living.

Andrew had amassed one of the best teams in all of Conservative media at his many websites, which are often collectively referred to as "The Bigs." (,, etc.) These people that worked for Andrew were HIS FRIENDS. If there's something to be concerned about, don't you think that Andrew's friends would be? Don't you trust Andrew's friends to have his back? If not, you probably have bigger problems than just being easily convinced of simple conspiracy theories contained within your own mind.

I understand that you are hurt and surprised at, what was to the vast majority of us, his sudden and unexpected death. That doesn't mean it's "OK" for you to make and/or spread BASELESS accusations, insinuations, and prognostications about the ultimate cause of his death.

If you don't watch this video and you continue to spread the conspiracy theories about Andrew's death, shame on you. Shame on you for spreading lies. Andrew Breitbart tried to STOP the spread of lies. He didn't seek to fill a vacuum with fantastical and baseless conspiracy theories, as some of you are doing now. Stop it.


Rest in Peace, Andrew. You were a warrior for a noble cause. I thank you for all you did and for all that is still to be accomplished in your good name. My condolences go out to all of Andrew's family and friends.

Added March 4th, 2012 11:20PM
Larry O'Connor, Editor-In-Chief of and friend of Andrew Breitbart's discusses the conspiracies surrounding Andrew's sudden death. This show originally aired in the evening of March 2, 2012.

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