Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama Open Mic - "After My Election I Have More Flexibility"

An open microphone caught President Obama saying what we all know to be true, after this election he will have nothing holding him back and he will be able to do whatever he pleases. He won't have to worry about making "politically correct" decisions because he won't have to contend with the "burden" of getting re-elected.

When discussing with out-going Russian President Mevedev a missile defense system that NATO is seeking to install in eastern Europe, an open microphone caught Obama saying:
"This is my last election. After my election I'll have more flexibility."

President Medvedev responded:
"I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir (Putin) and I stand with you."


You can read more about this story from the Washington Times HERE. They discuss the implications of Obama's comments in relation to the missile defense system and the role the United States and Russia will play.

I'm more concerned with the overall tone of Obama's statements.

Even if the Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives and IF they gain control of the Sentate, we all know that Obama will stop at nothing to accomplish anything he sees fit. He's spoken before about his desire to "get around Congress" to accomplish his goals.

Obama's underlings have also noted the fact that Obama doesn't need Congress:

If Obama is re-elected, is there anything that he won't accomplish via executive orders and more massive, over-reaching regulations? He'll have nothing to fear. He won't have to be concerned with he stated today. He'll "have more flexibility." The question is, to do what?

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