Monday, March 12, 2012 Is Using and Abusing Sarah Palin

It's been reported that is using some comments made by Sarah Palin in an interview on FOX News last week. What is not being reported (that I've seen yet) is that is allowing Sarah Palin to be bashed, called names, and insulted in the comment section on YouTube underneath the very video in which is USING Palin for their fundraising. Each and every single comment that appears under this video is being individually approved by BarackObamadotcom. If they don't physically "approve" your comment on YouTube, it doesn't appear.

As an uploader to YouTube, I can verify that there are three options given to uploaders regarding HOW you want comments to appear under your videos. The three options are: 1 - "Allow comments automatically," 2 - "Allow all comments with approval only," and 3 - "Don't allow comments." BarackObamadotcom has chosen option number 2 which which means they have to physically approve each and every comment that will appear under any of their videos for which they have chosen option number 2 (an "approve" button has to be clicked next to EACH individual comment before it will appear in the comment section). These settings have to be chosen for each individual video. The default setting on all YouTube videos is option number 1 where ALL comments appear without ANY filtering. This means that BarackObamadotcom is intentionally allowing Governor Palin to be smeared under their own ad in which they are attacking her.

Here's the Sarah Palin attack ad that is posted on the BarackObamadotcom YouTube channel:

Given the statement that President Obama made over the Sandra Fluke flap regarding Rush Limbaugh's usage of the word "slut" when describing Fluke, I find it ironic that his own fundraising arm is allowing the very thing he spoke out against to occur under their OWN video.

Here is what Obama said about Limbaugh's usage of the word "slut" when discussing Fluke:
Uh, uh..aaaall decent folks can agree, uh, that the remarks that were made (by Limbaugh), uh, don't have any place in the public discourse. Aaaaaaand, uh, y'ow (abbreviation for "you know) the reason I called, uh..., Miss Fluke iiiis because, uh, I thought about Malia and Sasha (his daughters) and one of the things I want them to do, uh, as they get older is to engage in issues they care about. Even ones I may not agree with them on. (The genius ended his sentence with a proposition.)
That's all I can stand to can watch his comments in full below.

Here is the video of Obama saying the above words. Wouldn't you know...this very video is ALSO posted on the BarackObamadotcom YouTube channel?

I first became aware that was "screening" the comments underneath their Sarah Palin fundraising YouTube video when I tried to post a comment of my own as seen at the very bottom of this screen shot:

So, figuring that my comment wouldn't be approved, I got to wondering what kind of comments they were approving. That evidence is below. This is how Barack Obama allows women to be treated when he is seeking campaign cash.

Say anything for a buck, idiot, fool...

"...she is straining to come up with A intelligent sentence..."  (I love irony - it's "AN intelligent..." It's no wonder an Obama supporter fails this basic rule of grammar, Obama, the "Harvard graduate," doesn't know it, either.)

Really?  "Wrong about everything?"  The Law of Averages, which I believe is "scientific," hasn't seemed to have touched this Obama worshipper.

She "appears idiotic"..."loves to tell lies"..."lies so much"..."impossible to keep up with her lies."
Our military doesn't serve a President, they serve THIS COUNTRY.  If they served a President, enrollment would be at an all-time low under Obama.

I can't imagine how many comments there must have been that were similar to this one that did NOT get approved by BarackObamadotcom.  I find it odd that this one did.

Palin has "no brain," is "a complete idiot," her supporters are stupid, "woman is crazy as hell."

Palin has "dumb" supporters and more insults for the Governor.

I have nothing to say here...

Yes, but evidently it's not yours..."english" (English) and "fist?"

She disgusts me...she is scary...she produces fear...she is an idiot...she is an uneducated drone...she is unreal.

She is insane...

"That woman is a hateful, hypocritical moron"..."she is the reason McCain lost"..."Palin's lack of integrity, morality, intelligence..."
She is a "dipshit"...and has to allow some FOX bashing, of course.

A PRO-Palin comment followed by..."she doesn't have shit" & "her foolishness."  More insults for her supporters "To the dysmally (spelled incorrectly) ignorant, vile, petty (punctuated incorrectly) and self-centered, MS MOOSEMEAT seems...rational."  To us smarty pants she's dumb.  "Superstitious twit" (meaning, she believes in God)...

Yet, saw fit to use her incoherent ramblings for fundraising...go figure.

Silly woman...

Sarah's supporters are "not so bright, misinformed or bigots."

This next comment that was approved by is comparing Governor Palin to a confused teenager in a beauty pageant.  This video of "Miss Teen USA 2007," who is from South Carolina, has been viewed almost 54 million times:

If this is true, why is Obama using Sarah Palin to fundraise?

Keep spreadin' the hate,  You're doing a fine job.

Isn't it nice to see how the President of the United States stands up for all women? Nothing hypocritical about him at all, is there? What a fine example he is setting for his daughters, your daughters, and all women in America.

President Obama, you're the one that said the word "slut" didn't belong in the public discourse. I guess the fact that ALL of the following words were approved for use underneath YOUR VIDEO means you approve of the words, "dipshit," "twit," "stupid," "complete idiot," "crazy as hell," "idiotic," "disgusting," "dumb," "uneducated drone," "hateful," "hypocritical moron," "insane," "lack of integrity, morality, intelligence," and "silly woman" when describing women? Or is it only when describing Sarah Palin, who represents MANY women in this country, myself included, that it is ok to use this kind of language? I'd just "like to be clear" where you stand on this.

So, President Obama, do you still think you've "got a strong story to tell when it comes to women?" Those are your final comments in the above video from your press conference. As a woman, I don't think you do.

Thank you for adding to the problem, Mr. President. I'm sure Sasha and Malia will thank you one day.

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