Friday, March 23, 2012

Sarah Palin's Facebook Post Was Removed From Facebook - Then Is Re-posted

Approximately 4 hours ago, Sarah Palin made her second Facebook post of today. About 2 hours ago, it was removed. By whom is not known.

Her 1st post, a Facebook "note" about "World Down Syndrome Day" was made approximately 7 hours ago and is still on her Facebook page.

Her second post was made a couple of hours after the "World Down Syndrome Day" post and it was a Facebook "status update" that read: "Mr. President, you're conspicuously absent from the 2-year anniversary of your 'greatest accomplishment' (described by your VP as "a big f***ing deal"). Where’s the party? Concerned citizens around the country recognized the 2-year anniversary of Obamacare by protesting its attack on religious liberty. Oral arguments on Obamacare start next Monday, March 26, before the Supreme Court. Voting out Obama starts on Nov. 6."

Here is a screen shot of Sarah's Twitter account where she references the post she had just made on Facebook. (Note the link underlined in black.)

Whoa Nellie! Just as I was in the middle of writing this blog post, Sarah's Facebook post has just reappeared on Facebook. Here is a new tweet from Sarah directing people to it with a NEW LINK. (Note the new link underlined in black - it's different than the one in the tweet in the screen shot above.)

Here's Sarah's post on Facebook. It's just a status update, so there is no direct link to it.

Now what? I guess we'll wait to see if it's removed again. At least now we know there is at least one screen shot of it. ;)

I would like to know why it disappeared. Maybe it was accidentally deleted? Maybe it was removed by facebook and she re-posted it?

I know for a fact that it had over 1,000 comments when it was removed. It's now got about 800 MORE comments and another 11,000+ "likes." I saw a comment on facebook earlier about how the original note that was removed had over 25,000 "likes."

If any additional information becomes available about why the post was removed, I'll update this post.

Carry on...

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