Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learn More About Obama's Buddy Harvard Professor Derrick Bell - "Cosmic Slop: Space Traders"

Last night Andrew Breitbart's team at rolled-out the first in a series of tapes that will allow the American people to get to know their president a little better. The first tape released shows a young Barack Obama and his close relationship to Harvard Professor Derrick Bell.

There’s far more coming on Derrick Bell. This is just the beginning. And this video is a smoking gun showing that Barack Obama not only associated with radicals, he was their advocate.
Please read the full report from HERE.

In an effort to help us understand more about Professor Bell, has also brought to light a 1994 HBO short film for which Bell received a writing credit.

Part one of what is actually an 83-minute Sci-Fi trilogy entitled "Cosmic Slop" is the part to which Bell is connected. The three parts to the trilogy are "Space Traders" (Part One), "The First Commandment" (Part Two), and "Tang" (Part Three). Here's the plot summary for Part One on IMDB:
In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, this bizarre, thought-provoking trilogy addresses the destiny of the world's minorities: Part I: A conservative African American politician must choose between his people's survival and appeasing his white colleagues when space aliens propose to share their profound knowledge in exchange for all black people on earth.

Read the rest of the plot summary from IMDB HERE.

"Space Traders" is one of the most racist movies I've ever seen in my life. It's short (approx. 33 minutes) so all of the racial stereotypes they could possibly fit-in are all packed-in tightly.

There are some good actors you will recognize and several bad actors you won't. There are even cameos by "Ronald Reagan" and Casey Kasem. It's SO BAD, it's almost good. I love dumb, campy films with awful special effects and bad actors. If not for the disgusting racist tone of the film, I would have enjoyed it.

See for yourself below...remember, the man on who's essay Part One - "Space Traders" is based is former Harvard Professor Derrick Bell whom Barack Obama urged people to "open their minds and hearts" to in a 1991 protest at Harvard. has the short film listed in three parts on their website. I found it all in one video on YouTube. This was made by HBO films - be advised that there is foul language in this film:

You can read Derrick Bell's original essay on which part one of the trilogy was based HERE.

If you care to watch the rest of the trilogy, it's below. Part Two is entitled "The First Commandment" and Part Three is entitled "Tang."

The plot of Parts Two and Three are summarized by IMDB as:
Part II: The Virgin Mary's appearance in an inner-city housing project forces a Hispanic priest to face the hidden cultural origins of Western religion. Part III: On the dawn of the "Black Revolution," an African American couple discovers who the "real" enemy is.

There is some annoying text on the screen during all of the following five clips that you'll just have to endure if you wish to watch. The first video below picks up where the above video ended. The remainder of this film is not associated with Derrick Bell, I just thought you may wish to see the whole thing:

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