Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miami Cannibal - Full Surveillance Tape (VIDEO 24 Min Tape In 3 Min - Sped-Up)

I'm fascinated by the story about the drug-crazed cannibalistic man in Miami, FL that chewed off 50-75% of the face of another man. It intrigues me and grosses me out at the same time. I've never ingested an illegal drug in my life. About 20 years ago I did learn the lesson of NOT drinking alcohol while on prescription pain pills, however. I'd had a dental surgery, was on pain pills, and made the MISTAKE of drinking a mixed drink (vodka). It was horrendous. I hallucinated when I closed my eyes to go to sleep...the walls in my house were bleeding, there were snakes and worms crawling out of the bloody walls. Those hallucinations lasted for about 2 hours whenever I'd close my eyes. I thought I was losing my mind. Uh...I learned my lesson. NEVER DID IT AGAIN.

What I cannot fathom is how one can get so messed-up on drugs that they CHEW OFF THE FACE (or any part) of another living being. I think I'd be just as horrified if he had eaten a live animal. I can't relate. At all.

I also can't relate to seeing a person dong this to another person and not stopping to help - or calling for help. Today, The Miami Herald (or the police) released the entire 24-minute surveillance tape which shows multiple cars and 3 bicyclists driving by and doing nothing. In their defense, there is the possibility that they did not see it - the attack happened behind an approximately 2-foot concrete barrier.

I sped-up this 24-minute surveillance tape so it can be viewed in only 3 minutes. (How much detail do you really want anyway?) I added some fitting music, too.

Earlier this week I uploaded the 1st 8-minute surveillance tape that The Miami Herald released. I added some audio from a man on YouTube to the silent surveillance tape that people either love or hate. I'd just watched this man's video prior to seeing the surveillance tape. I couldn't help thinking about it when viewing the video of this deceased black man who'd just eaten another man's face. I added the audio from the speech to the video of the surveillance tape to try to get people to THINK while watching the surveillance tape. Some people really hated that idea and accused me of being a racist and/or trying to turn it into a racial issue. (All in a day's work.)

That video (below) now has over 50,000 views on YouTube and out of the 155+ comments on it, I think there were 2 people that actually "got it." Sad. I've also removed any and all of the comments that insulted the man in the audio or didn't bother to follow the directions on the video - if they left a stupid comment about turning this into a racial issue, I removed the comments and blocked the morons from ever being able to interact with me again on YouTube.

A 2-minute and 10-second news report begins this video, the original 8-minute surveillance tape follows, and the video from the remainder of 5732michael's speech finishes out the video:

If you are as curious/sadistic as I am and you'd like to see what a man's face looks like after having 50-75% of it chewed-off by another man, click this link. I'm WARNING YOU, this is a very gross picture. If you're sickened easily, I suggest that you not look. You will NOT get another warning. When you click that link, you'll see the picture.

May God help us all...and protect us from drug-crazed freaks like this cannibal.

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