Monday, May 21, 2012

Sarah Palin Reiterates ABO (Anybody But Obama) & Suggests Thomas Sowell For VP In 2012 (VIDEO)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared with Sean Hannity on FOX News tonight. There are several highlights in this 16-minute interview but in this post I'm concentrating on the fact that Sarah, once again, reiterated that she will do whatever she can to get ABO (Anybody But Obama) elected in 2012. She also suggested Thomas Sowell as a VP pick.

Sean Hannity: Alright, last question. It's a 2-part question. One, how active do you foresee that you will be in the campaign and if you had to advise the Governor (Romney) who to pick for the VP who would you advise him (to pick)?

Sarah Palin: I will be very active in helping to vet and throw my endorsement, if they will receive it, for Senatorial candidates and those who will represent us in the House of Representatives. Because this isn't, in November, just all about the presidency, this is about who and what we are going to allow sudden and relentless change to come from and that is going to be the legislative branch also. So, I'll be a strong proponent of Constitutional conservatives and help with endorsements in that arena. And I'll do whatever I can, of course, to get anybody but Obama elected to the White House. If I could advise the GOP nominee to choose whomever it would be as a VP candidate, you know, I've said specifically that I really like Allen West. I love people who aren't in politics, like Thomas Sowell. I love people who understand the Constitution and will fight tooth and nail and are willing to put their lives and their families' lives on the line to defend our Republic. That is who I want to see as that teammate for the GOP nominee.

Here's the entire interview (h/t

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