Monday, May 14, 2012

"Get Out Your Guns" - Bristol Palin Threatened For Disagreeing With President Obama

A small film company called "Magnet Releasing" has posted a threat to Governor Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin on their Facebook and Twitter accounts because they disagreed with one of her blog posts where she disagrees with President Obama's new stance on gay marriage. Magnet Releasing is owned by Mark Cuban who is a donor to the Obama campaign. Read more about that in this post from Film Company Owned By Obama Supporter Promotes Violence Against Bristol Palin

Their post on Facebook has been removed just within the past hour. However, at time I am writing this, their post threatening Bristol remains on Twitter.

The now-deleted post as it appeared on facebook:

The still-visible post on Twitter:

Because Bristol occasionally discusses political issues on her blog, she certainly expects to hear from those who disagree with her. That is to be expected. Death threats, however, are not. Only in the liberal world is it acceptable to threaten the life of someone who disagrees with your political stance.

Bristol's May 10th blog post where she disagrees with and questions how President Obama's position on the issue of gay marriage has recently "evolved" is entitled "Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama" at this time has 2,816 comments. As you can imagine, many of the comments are from the out-of-control left who feel the need to share their intelligence with the rest of the world by leaving comments like this:
Lesly says:
May 10, 2012 at 9:42 pm

You have got to be out of your mind Bristol Palin – your ideas vs. obamas – your speech vs. his – your (lack of) class vs his (abundance of) class – you are ……….. Wow. Wowowowow. You don’t see what a complete fool you are. Incredible. Truly remarkable. WOW. You really should just complete the picture. Paint your face & put on big ol clown shoes. You are a moron.

Or this:
YouBetcha!!! says:
May 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm

Ya, she’s done well for herself….by riding her mama’s coat tails. She’s a grifter just like her mother.

The two comments above are just 2 of the mild ones that were approved to appear in the comment section of Bristol's blog. In Bristol's latest blog post, posted earlier today, she shares a sample of some of some of the comments that were NOT approved. Personally, I wish they'd approve ALL of the comments on Bristol's blog - let the liberal hate shine through. I understand that Bristol is trying to keep her blog "family-friendly," but the left always proclaims to be so tolerant and loving - yet, their hearts are so full of PURE hatred that they should be exposed for what they truly are whenever possible.

Bristol does appear to have an excellent grip on the liberal reality. This is from her most recent blog post addressing the liberal response to the "hornet's nest" that she's stirred up by being an American and disagreeing with the president:
And if you read the comments we let through, the only word that really sums them up is “bullying.” They treat me as if I’m not human, as if they are somehow proving how great they are by (always anonymously, the cowards) tearing me apart with their words.

Here’s the thing. In the articles and comments, I saw a lot of hate and a lot of bullying, but you know what I didn’t see much of? Arguments. In fact, this reminds me a little bit of the incident in an L.A. bar that went viral several months ago and will be shown in its entirety in my upcoming new reality tv show. There, a guy started yelling at me and called my mom terrible names, but couldn’t tell me one decent reason why he was filled with so much hate.

Here’s a news flash, guys. Your hate and bullying don’t work. People see through it, and they don’t like to be pushed around. You think it’s completely obvious that you’re right, but this younger generation is more pro-life than their parents, and voters just keep defending traditional marriage. Why? Why would we if you’ve been telling us what to think for all these years?

Read the rest of Bristol's latest blog post HERE.

Keep it up, Bristol. You've got an ARMY of support behind you. Pun intended.

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