Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Most Innocent Person At The OWS Rallies - Dumbfounded Lady On A Bench

We've all seen the slime bags within the occupy movement - the 20-year-old, creepy-looking, spoiled and rude children in their canvas shoes and wearing their hoodies who ALL just LOOK like they smell bad. We've seen the anarchists dressed in all black and taunting the police. We've seen the stories about lice infestations, alcohol and drug use, rape, and murder within the occupy camps.

Here's one we haven't seen. Or, at least, I haven't. A sweet, little, older woman sitting on a bench with a dumbfounded look on her face as this menagerie of "today's youth" goes marching by her, chanting, and beating their drums on a New York City street.

Here's a couple of screen shots from a video that was posted by ReasonTV on YouTube. It's apparent that she just went shopping at Macy's and then OWS happened and she was right in the middle of it:

You can see the woman above at about the 2:50-mark in the video below.

Don't worry honey, this too, shall pass.

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