Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sarah Palin - 3rd Night Hosting "On Point" - One America News (VIDEO)

The third night of Sarah Palin's week-long guest-hosting bid at One America News (OAN) is complete.

All the video from tonight's show is below.

To find out where you can view One America News, go HERE.

If One America News is not available on your cable or satellite provider CALL THEM and request that it be added to their line-up. Call every day...until they add it. ;)

Show open and segment #1:

Segment #2:

Segment #3:

Segment #4:

Segment #5:

"Final Thoughts" - segment #6:

Great show again, Governor!

I originally intended to include this video that Chris Grollnek spoke of in tonight's opening segment on the show. This video and others are available on his website:

Everyone who ever goes out into any public space should view this video...

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