Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sarah Palin - 4th Night Hosting "On Point" - One America News (VIDEO)

The fourth night of Sarah Palin's week-long guest-hosting bid at One America News (OAN) is nearly complete. Only one night remains. :'(

All the video from Thursday night's show is below.

To find out where you can view One America News, go HERE.

If One America News is not available on your cable or satellite provider CALL THEM and request that it be added to their line-up. Call every day...until they add it. Don't just believe them when they tell you "it's in the works" or that "they are in the process of adding it". Keep calling them until it's been added! ;)

Show open and segment #1:

Segment #2:

Segment #3:

Segment #4:

Segment #5:

Here are a few "highlights" from tonight's last video, the "Final Thoughts" segment (emphasis mine):
"Leftist politicians never let a tragedy go to waste."

"Reports are, the killer, that as a gay, black man, he felt that he was targeted and persecuted, he said. So, he took action after the Charleston shooting in a black church."

"He said he wanted a quote 'race war'. So, did the president issue a statement about racial reconciliation like he did after Charleston? Nope. Not even close. He focused on something truly bizarre. He said, 'The number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.' What? His comment shocked a nation that was paying attention. In one breath, he managed to minimize terrorism, the 2nd Amendment, and the truth."

"We do a disservice to the mission of ending this violence if we just assume that we can eradicate evil in this world by (enacting) some sort of regulation or restriction that ties the hands of any good American. A president must rise above their emotional inclinations."

"Solely relying on others to get there in time to protect you? It is astoundingly unsafe and naive."

"These anti-self-protectors, these anti-2nd Amendment advocates, these anti-gun crusaders, they are the most naive, ill-advised, worst-of-the-bunch Pollyannas out there. And, they are hurting the cause of law & order in America."

"Friends, you'd better start clinging even more tightly to those guns, your God, your Constitution. And, while you're at it, pray. Do pray for all those affected by yesterday's tragedy."

"Final Thoughts" - segment #6:

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