Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sarah Palin's First Night Hosting "On Point" on One America News (OAN)

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP Vice Presidential candidate has just hosted her first show on a news network. The first of many, I hope. Although, I'd rather have her in the White House...this is what we've got...for this week, anyway. So, enjoy!

One America News tapped Governor Palin to act as guest host this week of their 9PM (central time) show "On Point" after the recent departure of the super-popular former host of the show, 23-year old Tomi Lahren.

If you missed Sarah's appearance tonight on OAN, you can watch the entire show below...in 6 segments.

If you'd like to see if OAN is available in your area, go HERE. There you will find a state-by-state list of which providers carry their network. If your provider DOESN'T carry OAN, call them and ASK them to do so! Although, if you're a DirecTV, TimeWarner, or Comcast subscriber, I'd recommend that you not bother wasting your time. None of them will probably ever carry Glenn Beck's "TheBlaze TV"...even though they lie to their subscribers and tell them that they're "working on it". They're lying to you to keep you as a subscriber - CHANGE PROVIDERS if you're a current subscriber. If they won't add TheBlaze, they're not going to add OAN. (Word to the wise.)

Here's Sarah's first show on OAN.

Show open and segment #1:

Segment #2:

Segment #3:

Segment #4:

Segment #5:

Segment #6 - Popularly known as "Final Thoughts":

To watch an OAN live stream, go HERE.

As a final note to this post I want to add:
While writing this blog post I wanted to include one of Tomi Lahren's rants on her "On Point With Tomi Lahren" that made her, her show, and OAN so popular. I can't find ANY of her "popular videos" on the "On Point With Tomi Lahren" YouTube channel. Tomi's biggest rant was after the Chattanooga shooting and had over 5 million views. I have no idea why these "popular" videos are no longer available on the "On Point With Tomi Lahren" YouTube channel. The "most popular" video left on the channel has 4,900 views. (This does not mean that the videos have been deleted. They may be temporarily "unlisted" or "private" on YouTube. I hope that is the case...because I can't find even ONE copy of them.)

Tomi has said that there "is a reason" she left OAN, but as far as I know, she has not yet disclosed that reason. Nor has she (yet) disclosed her plans for the future.

Nevertheless, with YouTube being YouTube...I did find PART of Tomi's "big rant" and...here it is (along with an interview she did with Fox & Friends following her viral rant):

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