Saturday, September 17, 2011

Glenn Beck Supports Sarah Palin (Re: Brian Sack)

This past Monday, September 12, 2011, Glenn Beck launched his new "internet network" called GBTV. Glenn is joined on his new, 5-day-a-week, 2-hour "TV show" (on the internet) by several personalities. One of those personalities is Brian Sack. Brian is currently doing a comedy bit at the end of every new "Glenn Beck Show" on GBTV. I KNEW that Sack would eventually say something that would make some conservatives react in the EXACT way in which some now are. And, he has. Already. 5 days in.

If you're not familiar with Brian Sack, he's been doing comedy bits on Glenn Beck's Insider Extreme (now known as GBTV) for about 2 years or so. He also used to occasionally join Glenn on his TV show on CNN Headline News.

The remarks that Sack makes about Governor Sarah Palin in the video below are the subject of this "controversy." (I'll post the entire Brian Sack comedy segment at the end of this post.) Glenn's intent, by including comedy as a part of his new venture on GBTV, is to steal-away some of the Stewart/Colbert crowd from Comedy Central, in which, Brian Sack will play an integral role. (I also think that Steven Crowder may join Beck...but, I have zero proof of this. It's just a hunch.) :)

Watch the video:

The best line from the last Republican debate was from Herman Cain. Each candidate was asked what they would bring to the White House. Herman said: "A sense of humor, because America is too uptight." Amen, Mr. Cain.

Here's a few comments under the above video as it was posted by Breitbart HERE. These two comments actually focus on Andrew Breitbart, not Glenn.
I'm pretty disappointed in Breitbart, ever since the falling out with Beck they've been "subtly" sniping at him..Can't you guys forgive and move on, you're both on the same side and this is NOT good for our team to have you sniping at each other. Glenn has never disparaged Breitbart, at least not publicly and AB should not do so either. I love you both and I do NOT want to choose which one of you that I will stick with so get your problems behind you and quit being petty for gosh sakes, we NEED you to work towards the same goals. Please have it out once and for all or just freakin' apologize and put the testosterone behind you...sheesh, MEN.

Comment posted on Breitbart by: "Mrs. Tank"

(For my RWKT Facebook friends, for the record, "Mrs. Tank" is NOT me.)

Well this is just pathetic now. I'm talking about Breitbart. Breitbart has an agenda. He should instead report whatever is true. But ever since Breitbart's little spat with Beck, he has not reported on any of Glenn's successes: especially 8/24. And now this? Are ppl not allowed to say anything about Palin? God forbid. This is sad Breitbart. Breitbart is just jealous of Beck's success. You guys can stay on the petty side of Breitbart... I'll stick with Beck for news.

Comment posted on Breitbart by: "robstermonster"

I became aware of this "scandal" via a post made by "Mark America" in a Sarah Palin Facebook group. Mark had written about the comedy segment in his blog:
I am deeply disappointed in this, and while the credit card subscription is still freshly minted, I am now demanding a refund. The lesson is simple to those who wish to succeed in new media: You can’t simply dump on the people who have supported you and expect there to be no blow-back.

Beck will likely offer that he didn’t know what Brian Sack would say, but during the un-funny comic’s routine, he employed a graphic depicting the Palin family with a whole new member in answer to McGinniss’ smear-filled book. It wasn’t funny, and many in the audience weren’t amused either. If you must, you can watch a clip from the show on the GodandCountryFirst blog, but I won’t be re-posting it here.

This is your ground-breaking network, Mr. Beck? I’ve tuned in either live, or in replayed on demand, and this was shocking to me. It’s not that I don’t expect your show to be fun, but Brian Sack channeling SNL’s weekend update while heaping smears on the Palin family isn’t exactly that for which I subscribed. I am certain there are others who feel the same, and I think you can reasonably expect them to say something about it. This was crass, inaccurate, vulgar, and worst of all, a move in collaboration with the popular culture you said you’re trying to defeat or transform with your new network.

Go HERE to read the rest of the above post by "Mark America."

Here are a few of the comments underneath Mark's posts on Facebook (I will not identify these commenters by name, as these comments are posted under their real names):
Wasn't it Brietbart in the "Undefeated" that called men on our side eunichs for not defending Sarah. I'm not one. I'm angrier about this clip by Brian than I've been about anything in a while. Mark, you aren't one either...
Beck has never really been a friend to Sarah. Don't watch him. Make it hurt where he lives. Goddamn phony crybaby.
I learned a lot from Glenn Beck. He helped change my focus and perceptions. I will always respect him for that. When he left FoxNews I seldom listened to his radio program and I was contemplating a subscription to GBTV. Not any more. I am very saddened by this. Very.
Beck is supporting Rick Perry, even did an intervew with the dirt-bags at Red State Quit giving him the benefit of the doubt. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

If this is the type of "support" that Sarah Palin is going to have to expect out of her so-called "supporters," she's not going to be President. People that get THIS put-off by a 1-minute comedy segment on a new internet show aren't poised to provide the type of intelligent and coherent support that Governor Palin is going to need once she enters the race. I believe those that are this thin-skinned simply don't have it in themselves to be of any help to the Governor. I don't see how they possibly could be helpful while whining about such trivialities. That being said, I KNOW that "Mark America" IS a very PRO-Palin blogger and he's a contributor at Conservatives4Palin. I'm actually quite taken aback by his stance on something that is this inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. I must say that I'm also a little discouraged by the comments of the other Palin supporters that found it necessary to complain right along with him about something so trivial. Perhaps Michele Bachmann's "titanium spine" will be available for loan in the not-too-distant future? Buck-up, little campers. It's going to be a long road.

I understand that comedy can be cruel. I understand that I'm not going to like every single thing that every single comedian says. In fact, there are very FEW comedians that I can stomach any longer because of their disgusting liberal politics. I also understand that ultra-sensitive people can't handle some things that are said by matter what their political slant. The conservatives that are freaking out and "going off on" Beck over these few lines by Brian Sack is, I think, quite childish. I also think it is hardly fitting behavior for, what should be by now, hardened Palin supporters. I mean, how are you folks going to handle the campaign once Sarah gets in the race?

The bit was one of the MILDEST I've seen where Sarah and her family are concerned. Good grief people, lighten up. How will you ever survive once Sarah is IN the White House? Do you think the attacks on her will DECREASE? Ha! - if you do.

Granted, the media and everyone else who has an agenda, and those on the left who fear Governor Palin, have attacked her in every way possible. It doesn't seem like there's much left for them to do to her. But, they will not stop. Their attacks will be just as vitriolic, if not more so, as they have been over the past few years. Sarah Palin resides in their heads "rent free" (h/t Rush Limbaugh) and she isn't moving out anytime soon.

My skin has toughened over the years that Sarah has been in the national news. Hell, it was Glenn Beck that introduced me to Sarah Palin long before John McCain had ever heard her name. I've been a supporter of Sarah's ever since THEN because I liked what I heard. A ballsy, anti-corruption, no-nonsense, not-a-friend-of-the-good-ol'-boys, can't-be-bought, female Governor? Hell, yes! I LOVE her!

I've only watched 2 of the new Glenn Beck Shows so far (been busy this week) and have yet to see the entire episode in which this comedy segment aired (but I will). I've only seen the clip-in-question that I posted above (and the full comedy segment I've posted at the end of this post). However, I've already wondered if there will come a time in the not too distant future where I may NOT be watching the last few minutes of the show because Brian Sack is sometimes NOT funny. Sometimes he is. Sometimes I'm in the mood for Brian Sack. Sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'll have the time. Sometimes I won't. I kinda figure it'll take Brian some time to meld with his audience, too.

Even IF I do stop watching the comedy segments because I may eventually find Brian Sack unappealing, I wouldn't dream of cancelling GBTV. I've been a subscriber (to Insider Extreme) for about 3 yrs (or more). What I get out of GBTV (Insider Extreme) is worth MORE to me than a few bad/dumb/stupid/below-the-belt/unfunny jokes by Brian Sack and whoever else may happen to join the comedy team.

I've been a listener of Glenn's since his radio show went national shortly after 9/11/01. In that time, I may have missed a total of 10-15 shows (in 10 years). When I listen, I actually hear what he says. Over the years I've come across MANY people who call themselves "listeners" of Beck's but, I swear to God, they don't listen...they merely tune-in to the show.

Some of the comments underneath different news stories, blogs and facebook posts about this "controversy" where commenters have stated that Glenn Beck is NOT a supporter of Palin's. I'm here to tell those of you that believe that: your claims are ludicrous.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are most definitely "friendly." Glenn has spoken a few times about different instances where the two of them have emailed each other back and forth about differing subjects. Sarah Palin also stood with Glenn at Restoring Honor on 8/28 (2010) at the National Mall. A few days after that event, Sarah Palin was a guest of Glenn's onstage at one of his shows in Anchorage, AK 9/11 (2010). In fact, this coming October 7th both Sarah and Glenn are scheduled to appear at an event in St. Louis.

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are coming to town for a once in a lifetime event and you don't want to miss it. FM NewsTalk 97.1 and Hansen's Tree Service proudly present Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, Friday October 7th, at the Family Arena. Tickets are on sale now through Metrotix.

(Perhaps the above statement provides us a little insight as to when Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy? Not until after October 7th?)

Glenn has been pretty lukewarm about any of the presidential candidates. He's been "interested" mostly (so far) in Bachmann, Perry, and Santorum. However, *I think* that is only because Sarah is not yet in the race. I KNOW that Glenn will be a supporter of Sarah's once she announces her candidacy. (He doesn't "endorse" candidates. He may eventually say who he'll vote for, but, he doesn't "endorse.")

I know that Glenn will support Sarah because he has ALWAYS BEEN a supporter of Sarah's. He's stood up for her time and time again and on numerous occasions he has taken on those that have bashed her. In fact, Glenn has been a supporter of Sarah Palin's since June of 2008. Name ANY other national media figure that can say that.

Anyone that says Glenn Beck is not a supporter of Sarah Palin is simply ignorant and couldn't be more wrong. I'll post links below to back-up everything I've said about Glenn's long-time and continuing support for Governor Palin.

As for you conservatives that call Glenn Beck a "phony" because he cries sometimes...grow up. Or better yet, man sound like liberal-Beck-bashers when you talk like that. If you truly believe that Beck's crying is "phony," you may just BE a dishonest and incapable-of-making-an-honest-assessment-based-on-the-evidence-that-is-right-in-front-of-your-face liberal.

April 29, 2008 (YouTube video - 2:29)
Glenn Beck on Gov Palin

June 2008 (YouTube video - 10:00)
Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck June 2008

August 29, 2008 (YouTube video 3:19)
Gov. Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck (Also, in this video, you can see where Glenn Beck met the new GBTV news anchor Amy Holmes - on CNN Headline News.)

October 22, 2008 (YouTube video - audio from Glenn Beck Program - 9:23)
Sarah Palin - Glenn Beck Interview Part 1
Sarah Palin - Glenn Beck Interview Part 2

January 19, 2009 (YouTube video - 9:48 - Day before Obama's inauguration.)
Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck Debut Show on Fox

July 26, 2010 (Article)
Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin to Hold "Restoring Honor Rally"

September 11, 2010 (YouTube video - 8:19)
Sarah Palin Introducing Glenn Beck in Anchorage Alaska (Sarah also says in this video that if she makes an announcement of her candidacy for president in 2012 it will be done on the "Bob & Mark Show" - an Anchorage, AK radio show.)

September 11, 2010 (YouTube video - 14:33)
Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin - Anchorage, AK

September 12, 2010 (Article)
With special guest Sarah Palin, the Glenn Beck show rolled into Anchorage

January 10, 2011 (Article)
Glenn Beck Emails Sarah Palin About Arizona Shooting

That's enough, right? If you can read or view all of the above evidence and still believe that Glenn Beck is NOT a supporter of Governor Palin's, you are delusional. You should just give up the fight now and stop paying attention to politics. Your participation only clouds the water.

If you care to watch the entire comedy segment from the September 16 Glenn Beck Show on GBTV, here it is. The comedy segment begins at about 2:15 into this video:

I also can't stop myself from including this video I made and uploaded to YouTube on April 20th of this year. I called it. The title of this video is: "Glenn Beck to Challenge Stewart & Colbert"