Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tea Party Patriots - Speak the Truth YouTube Campaign: "I am a Tea Party Patriot"

Today, I and thousands of other Americans, received an email from Tea Party Patriots stating that they are beginning a video campaign to combat the lies that are being told about Tea Party members. Go HERE to read their email and gain a better understanding of their mission and how you can participate.

One thing they left out of their email was to tell people that if you are going to upload a video to YouTube (recommended) or Facebook (not recommended) that ALL VIDEOS SHOULD HAVE THE SAME TITLE.

As of right now, there are 7 videos on YouTube and none of them are showing up as being "related" to each other because most of them have different titles, tags, and information in the description beneath each of the videos.

I will make this offer: If you are unable to record your own video I can do it for you.

Step One: I would suggest that you send me a friend request on my political Facebook account: RightWing KookTank

Step Two: Once we are connected via Facebook, I would give you instructions regarding how and when you can reach me and how you can send a picture of yourself (to be used in the video) --- I can't make that NOT sound creepy. LOL Sorry. :)

Step Three: You call me with your prepared remarks that you'd like to have in your short video (about 30 seconds) and I'd put you on speaker phone and record your remarks.

Step Four: I'd make the video and upload it to YouTube.

Step Five: I'd email you the link for YOUR video and YOU would submit it to Tea Party Patriots via THEIR FORM.

(Also, if you're unsure how to send a picture via email, I could get a picture from your Facebook page after you friend me there, provided you have one uploaded to Facebook.)

That's it.

Below, I have posted all 7 vids that are currently on YouTube. I will update this post over the next few days as more videos are added.

Oh! I should also state that I am MUCH more comfortable BEHIND the, I most likely will not be making a video of myself to upload. ;)

***If you make your own video, do NOT state your full name and the city in which you live.***


Not everyone is titling their video the same. This makes these videos extremely difficult to find on YouTube. If all of the videos had the same title they would show up on YouTube as "suggested videos" on the right-hand side while you're watching one of these videos on YouTube. But, because some people aren't even giving their video a title, they're just leaving the original file name as the title, their video just gets "lost" on YouTube. You really have to search to find these videos...which totally defeats the purpose of this whole campaign. I'm not sure if the leadership at Tea Party Patriots understand this or not...I'm guessing they don't.

More videos are being added...