Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Union Tries to Block Grain Exports

The face of the ILWU.
Nebraskans, corn growers, grain farmers, you may want to pay attention to a labor union battle that is taking place on the west coast. There is a union, the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union), that has been attempting to block the transfer of your grain on its way to being exported. Why? Because this union has been "in negotiations" with EGT, LLC, a grain exporter, for the past several months over 35 jobs. Yes, thirty-five jobs.

EGT, the operator of the first new grain elevator in nearly two decades in the United States in Longview, WA decided to hire their workers from a different union than the ILWU. The ILWU workers are, in typical union fashion, only concerned with THEIR jobs. Not yours. Not the other UNION workers that were hired. Only their OWN union members and they have attempted to block the trains that transfer your grain to port.

This fight has been going on since early this year. As the years go by and unions have become less and less relevant to the American way of life, and as union membership is at its lowest point since the 1930's, unions are feeling squeezed. And they're fighting back...literally.

A "peaceful" ILWU member
threatening a TV reporter.
These are NOT the "peaceful" or "non-violent" protests that some in the media are saying they are. I've included several videos below that prove this fact. These are videos that I have downloaded and will replace on YouTube if they become "unavailable" or are removed from YouTube. Some of these videos were apparently recorded BY union members present at these rallies and protests and were uploaded to YouTube to show what is going on. This is exactly what these videos show. The truth of what is happening at these union bitchfests.

Some of the videos were recorded and uploaded by the people who continue to work inside the plant that is being protested. These people are called "scabs" by the union. It is in these videos that you also get a glimpse into a different side of the fight. The view from the people who ARE working. Who are NOT towing the union-line. I say, these are the brave and non-violent people in this situation. Not the mass numbers of union cowards who only fight in groups, intimidate in groups and vandalize in groups.

Now, the videos...

These first two videos show some of the arrests that took place last Wednesday after the ILWU stood on the railroad tracks and blocked a train headed to the port. The union workers eventually let the train pass, but not before dumping some of the grain from the train cars and cutting brake lines on the train. Yes, they are a classy bunch.

In this video, which is really just an audio recording from a local radio show, an ILWU spokesman admits that his union members trespassed and destroyed property. Also, notice the "stick" that the sign is attached to in the picture below.

This video shows you an interview with the president of the local 21 ILWU in Longview, WA which was conducted by the "Freedom Socialist" newspaper. No, you can not make this stuff up.

And, another interview by the "Freedom Socialist" newspaper in which an ILWU longshoreman claims that their union "should have jurisdiction over this port" (Port of Longview). "We should have this entire facility. This should be our work." Maybe if they'd begin their own business, it could be "their work."

Here, in this video from August 12, 2011, you can see and hear how the ILWU workers behave on the picket line. A few arrests are made.

This next video shows what I like to call "the face of the ILWU." This guy wouldn't know how to behave properly if he was provided a life-long class on the subject by his favorite union.

Here's more "union class" on display. This video was shot by a "scab" as he was crossing a picket line in his vehicle.

These next two videos show members of the ILWU addressing the Operating Engineers Local 701, which is the union that has been hired by EGT. Intimidation is the theme of both of the videos.

Now, something that I have discovered, which I have not read about anywhere else, is the fact that this union has been accused of discrimination in its hiring practices and the fact that they are an anti-Israel union. Both of these allegations I'm making are substantiated by the following video evidence.

This video was posted on YouTube on February 15, 2011. It addresses the hiring practices of the ILWU in Seattle, WA.

These next two videos show the ILWU participating in anti-Israeli protests in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

The ILWU has a long history of political activism which you can read more about HERE.

As I stated earlier, I downloaded several of these videos from YouTube. One such video that I downloaded was, in fact, removed from YouTube by the person that uploaded it. An edited version of this video remains on YouTube. In the edited video that remains, you can see "Disturbing video shows car plowing into ILWU workers at Port of Longview's EGT facility;" that is the title of the video below.

Now, here is the video that I uploaded to YouTube which shows the complete and original video of the SUV "plowing into" the ILWU picket line. It shows a more complete picture of what really occurred on the picket line. It's understandable that the union goon that uploaded it would have wanted it removed. I wonder if any of the union goons will be charged with vandalism?

Something that is always talked about when discussing "working men" (which is liberal language for "union members") is how hard they work to just "survive" and "put food on the table" and how hard it is to "make ends meet" while laboring at their menial jobs. If you care to see how "rough" these "poor, working-class men" have it, watch this next video. This was uploaded by Scott Barton, an ILWU longshoreman. He takes you on a tour of his "poor man's" backyard. Almost all of Scott's other videos on YouTube are of him operating a crane at the Port of Longview.

And, the ILWU is Panama. This video is from September 10, 2011.

So, grain farmers, pay attention. Pay attention to what further actions this union takes to interfere with the shipment of your grain. I believe the evidence I've provided should more than convince you that they are not about to stop. The only question that really remains is: How far are they willing to go?