Monday, September 5, 2011

Militant Anti-abortion Crowd is a Detriment to Conservative Agenda

Notice the title of this article states: "MILITANT Anti-abortion crowd..."

The militant anti-abortion crowd on the right is just as capable of discrediting their movement as are the militant fools on the left. I think I'm a fairly reasonable person (others may not). I most certainly have my moments when my "radical side" will show itself, however, it's not the person I am 24/7. While discussing a related-subject with a Facebook friend, I came across the video that inspired this post, which is included below the fold. Something, or someone, is telling me to not let it go. I guess this must be my "radical side" showing itself now. (Please notice that I, unlike the people in the video below, am not protesting outside the homes of those with which I disagree.)

I have strong convictions about the actions that those of us on the right choose to take...and choose not to take. There are times when people on the right do things that are just as damaging to our cause as the actions that some/many choose not to take. That being said, I feel a STRONG need to disagree with the actions of this anti-abortion group known as "The Forerunner" from Framingham, Massachusetts (they state their location on their YouTube Channel).

Protesting outside someone's residence is just WRONG. The actions of this group harken to those of the radical...and, I mean RADICAL left (anarchists, communists, socialists, unions).

I felt the need to leave the following comment underneath their video (which I've posted below). Mind you, YouTube's comments are limited to only 500 characters. Therefore, my comment was nowhere NEAR as inclusive as I wished it to be (which was another reason I started this blog).

I understand & AGREE WITH your REASON for picketing. But picketing SOMEONE'S HOME is unforgivable, leftist, uneducated, and un-called for.

Radical, leftist, progressives do this kind of thing. Peace-loving people on the right DO NOT. As a Tea Partier, I denounce your actions!!!

Get OUT of people's neighborhoods. It's just WRONG. Ppl should have safety in their homes. What u did was wrong & I have zero respect for it. Same as I have zero respect 4 those that protest at the homes of bankers.

I understand that their belief is strong. I understand that I won't have a bit of influence on their agenda (nor is that what I seek). I understand that some won't understand my post here and will get mad at me for stating my beliefs. Join the crowd, haters.

- I DO NOT support abortion.
- I would never encourage someone to have an abortion.
- I would attempt to STOP someone I knew from having an abortion by talking with them if they were open to such a discussion.
- I believe abortion is WRONG.
- I believe abortion is murder.
- I believe the effect on the women who have abortions is hidden by the national media. Many women who have had abortions have a very tough time living with that fact. It affects many of these women for their entire life.
- I do NOT think that, in our Constitutional Republic which was founded on the word of God, it is the responsibility of the GOVERNMENT to prevent American citizens from choosing to have an abortion.
- I do not believe that any government funding should be applied in any capacity which supports abortion.
- I believe that parents who use their children at protests such as these are just as misguided as other parents that use their children as props in any other type of protest.
- I believe that the vast majority of these protesters are not violent nor would they become so, if provoked.

- I think that the people in the video below are wrong for choosing to protest outside the home of an abortion doctor.

"Pro-life picket of Planned Parenthood CEO Susan Idtensohn's residence - 7/19/2011"

The above video is not an isolated incident. These folks also saw fit to protest outside the homes of other abortion doctors HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. These protests took place from March through August of this year.

This group has also protested outside the offices of abortion doctors or Planned Parenthood clinics, which, for the record, I wholly support. HERE and HERE. Other such videos may be found on their YouTube channel found HERE. Also, HERE is their website.

Again, I do NOT support abortion and I DO support the picketing of abortion-related businesses. I can not and do NOT support the picketing of anyone's residence. It doesn't matter what the reason.

I understand the evil of Planned Parenthood and so does this organization as evidenced in the video below. I wish more people understood the evil ingrained in the foundation of Planned Parenthood.

For the record, you can find video of an SEIU-organized (Service Employee International Union) protest outside the home of a Bank of America executive HERE posted at

More information about this Bank of America protest is HERE in this YouTube video which is an interview of Nina Easton (her neighbor's home is the one which was protested) conducted by Megyn Kelly on FOX News. HERE is a piece about this same protest written by Nina Easton which was published at

While the protests by the anti-abortion group reached nowhere near the volume (sound level) of the SEIU protest outside the home of the Bank of America executive, I find both protests to be in bad taste. As a Conservative, such tactics are unacceptable to me. If I disagree with the protest outside the home of a Bank of America executive, I must also disagree with the protest outside the home of an abortion doctor. Please, find another way.