Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Lies Again - Boots on the Ground in Libya

Once again, President Barack Obama has told another lie. Is it because he just has no clue what he's doing? Is it because his speechwriters don't have a clue what is going on? If they don't, why does Obama read their words? Exactly.

Earlier this year, when President Obama announced United States involvement in the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) operation in Libya he promised that there will be "no boots on the ground in Libya." Now, today, we find out that there most certainly are Americans on the ground in Libya. What gives, Mr. President?

From FOX News:

Despite repeated assurances from President Obama and military leaders that the U.S. would not send uniformed military personnel into Libya, four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend.

According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby, the four unidentified troops are there working under the State Department's chief of mission to assist in rebuilding the U.S. Embassy.

Kirby noted the embassy in Tripoli was badly damaged during the conflict between Muammar Qaddafi's forces and the rebels.

Two of the military personnel are explosive-ordnance experts who will be used to disable any explosives traps left in the embassy. The other two are "general security," according to Kirby.

Kirby also made clear these troops are in no way part of a military operation on the ground. They are armed, however, if for some reason they need to protect themselves.

The troops are only expected to be there for a short while. After the assessment of the embassy is complete, they are expected to leave.

Details, details.

Read more from FOX News HERE.

The video below is from March 18, 2011...let me be clear.
6:32 "I also want to be clear about what we will NOT be doing. The U.S. is not going to deploy ground troops into Libya and we are not going to use force to go beyond a well-defined goal. Specifically, the protection of civilians in Libya."

March 19, 2011
2:02 "As a part of this effort the United States will contribute our unique capabilities at the front end of the mission to protect Libyan civilians and enable the enforcement of a no-fly zone that will be lead by our international partners. And as I said yesterday, we will NOT, I repeat, we will NOT deploy any U.S. troops on the ground."

This next video is the President's weekly address which was uploaded to YouTube on March 25, 2011.
1:54 "As I pledged at the outset, the role of American forces has been limited. We're not putting ANY ground forces into Libya."

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