Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mini-tour of Ground Zero With "Hard-hat Andy" Sullivan

Take a mini-tour of Ground Zero with "Hard Hat Andy." In the first two videos below Andy Sullivan from Blue Collar Corner and The 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge goes on a walk around the Freedom Tower construction site and discusses some of the progress that's taking place. In the third video, Andy walks you up to the front steps of the Ground Zero mosque.

You can find all of these videos and many more on Andy's YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and click to be notified by email of his new uploads.

Here's Andy's description beneath the 1st video:
I was down at Ground Zero for a interview with the BBC and decided to show some of the Hard Hats who are out of state what has been taking place and what stage we are at. Of course this is for all Americans to view and I feel honored to bring them to you now.

Here's Andy's description beneath the 2nd video:
We take a walk down the Ground Zero area to view what stages we are at and to get a first hand look at some of the latest in building design. I cannot believe we are at the 10 year mark knowing full well we could have had these built up years ago. It still makes me feel better just seeing the buildings rising from the earth.

Here's Andy's description beneath the 3rd video:
We take a stroll down at the location of the Ground Zero Mosque which is under 24 hour watch. It seems they are content on keeping the building intact. They are not getting the donations Gamal was hoping for and he is being dragged into court by 2 Big Banks for 2 seperate big loans.We are not writing them off they have actually tried applying for federal tax dollars from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. This cannot be allowed -we will keep you up to date.