Saturday, November 12, 2011

College Basketball Game on an Aircraft Carrier. Cool, Right?

I rarely watch TV live...I record everything and watch it on the DVR. When I became aware that this game was happening tonight, I immediately looked for and found it. I thought "how cool that a b-ball game is being played on an aircraft carrier" (first-time ever) and I wanted to see what the game "looked like." There was about 10 minutes left in the game at this point and Michigan State was down by about 12 points.

It looked cool as hell. About 5 minutes after turning the game on the camera cuts to President Obama and his "wife" sitting at the game...front row, of course. I immediately turned the damn thing off. Thanks for "screwing" up yet another experience, you America-hating, military-hating, Marxist piece of trash, Obama.

Thanks to The Blaze, I now know who won the game. (Click the link if you'd like to know, too. You can read MUCH more about the story there, too.)

Here's an awesome time-lapse video of the U.S.S. Carl Vinson being set-up for the game.

Thank you to all who have served.

Here's Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North at the NRA Annual Meeting in 2009 saluting you:

Thank you, guys and gals. Americans love you, revere you, and thank you.

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