Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Video From Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday I made a blog post that included 9 videos from YouTube of the Occupy DC protests. This post is intended to "piggy-back" on that post. Here is the post I made yesterday: Anarchists at Occupy D.C.

Here are 8 more videos that depict the less-than-stellar behavior coming from those participating in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests:

As with the majority of these videos, I feel the need to warn you about the GRAPHIC LANGUAGE included in them. I don't recommend that you watch them with small children present.

"Occupy DC Harasses People As They Leave Reagan Tribute Dinner!"

"Occupy DC Chicken Goes Wild!"
If you need a laugh, watch this video. The "chicken" begins chirping at about the 1-minute mark. It's hilarious.

"Occupy DC: Their Days Are Numbered!"

"Occupy DC Pushes Grandma Down Stairs, Long Version!"

"Occupy DC Continues Harassment After They Injure 'Grandma' and others!"
(This video is a treasure trove of info. Hopefully, I'll have time to take a more in-depth look at this video in another post tomorrow.)

"Occupy Wall Street: OWS Protester Wants 911 more 9/11's to Occur Right Now"
(I'm not sure of the city in which this protest took place.)

"Occupy Attacks!: Occupy Portland Attacks KGW News Crew!"
(Portland, OR)
I will say that, in this video, at least there are a few people that try to calm down the out-of-control protester that keeps getting in the faces of the news crew. This is the FIRST I've seen of the other protesters attempting to calm down "one of their own" that has become unhinged.

"Jesse Jackson Supports Occupy Atlanta"
(Of course he does...)