Monday, November 14, 2011

Government Waste at Occupy Salt Lake City (VIDEO)

After the closure of the Occupy Wall Street camp in Salt Lake City, Utah, the local government decided they needed a front-end loader to assist in the clean-up of the City park.

The pile of trash that this loader came to clean up was obviously stacked by 5 to 7 of the City workers that are now standing around watching the loader perform its necessary duty. It honestly looks like about only 5 to 7 pallets and a little bit of garbage that the front-end loader was called-in to remove. This is such a waste because the guys standing around with their shovels in-hand could have easily walked this trash out of the park on their own.

I do believe this may be the height of laziness which is exhibited by so many City, State and other government workers all across the nation. Good thing those public unions keep them employed, right?

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Here's your tax money "at work."

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