Monday, November 7, 2011

Peg's Letter to Governor Palin

I write this because I feel God is prompting me to do so. You may not even see it or read it. But I must write it.

I have been studying and reading and listening and viewing for months now. I am seeing America slowly but surely falling into a quagmire of discord and uncertainty. I am seeing the America I love becoming infested with evil government and evil principles. It hurts to witness these terrible scenes in the various cities where protesters are involved in wrongdoing and unpeaceful actions.

And there you are---out there----trying your best to speak up and work against these evils and bring some common sense to those involved in governing this country. But evil is evil. This is a battle between good/right and evil/wrong. The men who are leading this country cannot hold a match to those men who founded this country. The contrast between the strength in those who founded America and the weakness in those who are now running America is so shocking!

I know so many people identify with your principles and your ideas and your deeply patriotic heart! God made you who you are. As a Christian myself, I know how difficult it is sometimes to put God's will above yours! I know you have many things to consider when you evaluate whether you should attempt to run for the presidency. Yes, it's a title that you'd be given, but it's more than a it's becoming a destiny. I know you have to consider your family and that is certainly understandable. Somehow, I believe it becomes a test of your faith. Do you truly believe that God can and WILL make a way for you to be elected if He so chooses? And do you believe that God will protect you and your family if you decide to take this journey toward the White House? Abraham trusted God totally and I'm so fascinated with that Old Testament story----I've always wondered what Abraham was thinking as he made his way with his son up that mountain.

You are everything Americans need as a leader! You are blessed with special talents and ideas! God has raised you up and nurtured you in a special environment. There is no one like you! And your family is so special too. There is no one like Todd Palin and your children are all unique. Your parents are so very special also! Their nurturing and guidance made you a resilient and optimistic woman. The strong family unit that you have as your base is important and would make such a delightful difference for America.

I pray that you will reconsider and begin your campaign for the presidency. We have no idea what God plans to do in the next months. But I trust His wisdom and His power!!! I see His spirit living in you and all that you do and say! How amazing! Trust that yourself. Trust God to make a way so that America can thrive again and breathe again! We need a strong fresh wind to blow across this land. I believe you are that strong fresh wind and we need you to be God's instrument to bring those changes that America needs so desperately.

Please reconsider and step out on God's promises and His word! Believe that you are a "chosen" servant and there is no other person who can do what you can do for America.

This letter was written by Peg Gentle and is reprinted here with her permission.

Please join Peg and I at Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement where we are asking that Governor Palin please reconsider her decision to not run for president in 2012.