Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dissection of a Palin Troll

NOTE: This became an extremely long blog post. If you are already familiar with trolls and would like a list of 5 of them so you can purge them from your facebook friend list, scroll down just over 3/4 of the way and you will see a "Special note to all Conservatives and Palin supporters." You will also be able to click on the names of the 5 trolls I have listed so that you can block them.

I've been an internet user since 1998. I've been a frequent commenter on many different blogs, newsgroups, news sites and various places all over the internet over the past 13 years. In my years of being one of "those people" who occasionally "likes to mix it up" with those who lie, name-call and just basically exhibit humanity's most "base" and animalistic behavior, I've come across some pretty despicable "people" online. Even referring to some of these scumbags AS "people" is an insult to the human race as a whole. Commonly, in internet parlance, they are referred to as "trolls."

I rarely engage trolls and only do so when I am in the mood to attempt to take out my frustrations online. Therefore, about once or twice a month is about all of my time that I'm willing to put toward an attempt to discuss anything with people who are so obviously beneath the respect that most humans receive just for simply being alive. Lately, when I'm in such a mood, I'll head to the White House YouTube channel and pick apart Obama in the comment section beneath the video. This always gives me more than I really care to deal with for an entire day. People who love Obama reply to my comments like moths to a flame...which is another term for internet trolls: "flamers." In these cases, I am considered the troll, or flamer, because I disagreed with whatever Obama was talking about in the video under which I commented. This one comment I may make will have people responding to me for nearly an entire day.

I usually try NOT to swear at people online just because it looks so stupid and childish...but, I don't always succeed. Sometimes it's because I just don't care what I say, other times it's because I just don't care what I say. (That's not a typo.) This is, so far, still a free country and I'll represent myself as I see fit. I'm already well aware that not everyone will like me...I'm also old enough that I just don't give a crap anymore, too. I no longer "need" people to like me. Move along if you don't like what you see. But, make sure you leave a bitchy, troll-like comment telling me "not to swear" before you do. Or, you could just grow up and keep reading. Pick one.

I believe it was April of 2007 when Glenn Beck first interviewed Alaska's then-Governor Sarah Palin for the 1st time on his TV show on CNN. Since that day, I've been a supporter of Sarah Palin's. I enjoy and have great respect for gutsy people who are willing to take on "the machine," whatever "machine" that may be. It doesn't matter to me. I admire people who are not pussified and are willing to put their reputations, their fortunes and their very life on the line to speak out about something they are either fighting FOR or AGAINST. Either way, I appreciate people with "guts." I don't even have to agree with what they're doing. Usually, just their willingness to put their "name" on the line is enough to earn my respect.

I'm not a fan of people who are childish little pussies that anonymously sit behind a computer keyboard and spend all of their time spreading lies and calling other people names. This is why I've had the same username since 1998...anyone can find my home address, phone number and God only knows what other "information" about me online. I went through a period where I was trying to "hide" online, because of the online stalking, online intimidation and several death threats that I've received from these gutless online pussies. I no longer care. Here I am bitches, come and get me.

In all of the years that I've been online, I've never seen so many disgusting little pukes as the crowd that continually attacks the Palin family. These pathetic Palin-haters, have got to be on the lowest rung of the troll ladder. They have no respect for the truth, and wouldn't be able to decipher it for themselves if you drew them a picture that had arrows pointing their way TO it. They are so besieged with hatred, and, evidently, such vapid lives, that they only seek to HATE. Their goal in life is to aggravate anyone they can. And they aggravate MANY.

What goes so wrong with someone's life that aggravating others is now their only apparent mission in life? I realize that Obama is a grave disappointment to these hateful trolls...but, why do they take this out on the Palin family? These Palin-haters aren't working FOR something. They are working for the DESTRUCTION of something. They seek to destroy the Palins.

I could say that I'm working FOR the destruction of the Obama presidency, but if he is removed as the president, that would be a favor FOR our country, so, it can't really be classified as "working against" something.

I've been contemplating a blog post such as this one for the past few months. Today, I found a great example of a Palin-hating troll to use as an example for all of you. It's "name" is "Claire Atkinson." Don't worry, trolls never use their real names. They are pussies, remember? This one is most likely a gay liberal, woman-hating, male who can't even disclose his real gender (providing he knows what it is). (Calm down "Claire," I'm gay, so take your comments about me being a "homophobe" and shove 'em.)

Now, if you think my language thus far has been bad, buckle your seat belt...the language is about to get MUCH worse. The following series of photos are screen shots from an exchange I had earlier today with this Palin-hating gay man, "Claire." Just for the record, I know MANY gay men and women that are excellent supporters of Governor Palin, so, don't think that all gays hate her. We're only talking about "Claire" and his poor tortured Pug that has to wear that hideous sweater. (Don't worry, he probably stole the picture of the dog from someone else's profile. The poor dog probably doesn't even live with him.)

Here we go, this first picture below is a picture of the the first post that "Claire" made in my very own Palin group on facebook. (Join me if you want.) This is when I first became aware of "Claire's" desire to out himself as a troll today. This loser has been lurking in a few Palin groups that I'm in on facebook. He's very deceitful because he'll post about 20 or 30 pro-Palin comments for every negative comment, such as the one below. Lies are what the weak among us, also known as "trolls," thrive on. If not for their lying ways, they would have nothing in their lives. No one would speak to them, no one would visit. Their only interaction with other humans is online. They like to LIE and tell you that they have a life, but by their constant online trolling, we know this isn't true.

This picture is a shot of the comment I posted about "Claire" in one of the other Palin groups that "Claire" and I are both members of. (Or, that we both WERE members of..."Claire" is no longer a member. He was banned.) I posted a screen shot of the nasty comments that "Claire" had posted in my group so that the people in control of this group could know that they had a troll in their midst.

Now, why did "Claire" choose to reply to me in the group in which I outed him, rather than in my group, where I first confronted him? Because my group only has 62 members and the group in which I posted about him has over 1,100 members. Attention is what "feeds" trolls. It is their lifeblood. If "Claire" would have only responded to me in my group, chances are very good that only a handful of people would have seen his response to me.

The following screen shot shows "Claire" beginning his typical troll-like behavior of attacking the person that I am there to support. He tosses in a few personal insults for Governor Palin, probably those which relate most closely to his own life experiences. Notice that I don't take "Claire's" bait. He insults me and I don't acknowledge it. This drives the troll bonkers...and this car doesn't have to drive far to reach that destination.

Next we have a well-intentioned member of the group attempting to no avail. I had clearly stated at the beginning of this post that it was intended to let the members know that they had a troll within their group. Anyone that decides to engage a troll had best be aware that they are opening themselves up to being attacked. "Claire" attempts some intimidation of me but, I'm not game today. Sorry, sir.

There is another glaring problem with the information that "Claire" chooses to share with me in the shot below...but, I'll be damned if I'm pointing it out to him.

Finally, in the photo below, I provoke "Claire" by asking him to share some of his important information with me. I do this so that the foolish troll will expose his sources. Which he just a bit.

Next, he shows me a few of the anti-Palin groups to which he belongs on facebook. This confirms my knowledge of his hatred for Palin. I can't stand Barack Obama. I have zero use for him and I never have and I never will. I'm not a fan of having an America-hating Marxist as our President. Yet, I don't belong to a bunch of "anti-Obama" groups on facebook. I don't participate in group hate-tanks with others who share my disdain for the current occupant of the White House. I may have "Liked" a few anti-Obama pages on facebook...but, I rarely, if ever, participate in them. Trolls like "Claire" spend their every waking moment steeped in their hatred for someone. People like this are not only very sad individuals, they most certainly would benefit from some mental health assistance. This, many conservatives believe, is the current mental state of most liberals in America. If nothing else, their aversion to the truth and the special knack they have for twisting the facts is something to marvel. The double-standard by which they live their lives is another one of their disgusting traits that is worthy of mention.

Here is where the inexperienced, or just plain dumb, troll exposes its sources. Trolls almost always use obscure websites that the rest of us have never heard of and will never see again. This is the case with "Claire," of course. To "Claire," all information on these websites is "factual." Trolls have one requirement for their sources of "factual information" - that the source agree with their hatred. That's all it takes. It doesn't have to be true for them to cite it as a source. The troll wouldn't know if it was anyway. I would estimate that over the past 13 years somewhere around 90% of the "factual information" that every troll has shared with me is 100% bogus. When these people find other lies online that back up the lies that they already believe, voila! We've just uncovered how a troll is birthed. They crawl out of their lairs, armed with their "factual information," and they spread it around to show the world how "smart" they are and how "stupid" the rest of us are.

Just for fun, I visited the "Atlantic" (which I have heard of before but, never utilize as a source) that "Claire" offers as a source in the photo below and I conducted a search for how many articles they have about Sarah Palin and a few other "notables" like President Obama and a few other people that are actually IN government and have REAL control over our lives, unlike Sarah Palin. Here are the results:

President Obama - = 11,600
Sarah Palin - Tea Party activist = 3,560
Harry Reid - Leader of the Senate = 817
Nancy Pelosi ex-Speaker of the House = 737
Joe Biden - Vice President = 679
John Boehner - Speaker of the House = 666

Why does the "Atlantic" post so many articles about Sarah Palin? According to trolls like "Claire," Palin is irrelevant. And, why is "Claire" posting an article from November 15, 2009? If Sarah Palin is such a liar, one would think that there would be much more current information to share. But, again, trolls don't think, they only hate.

Again, I'll never understand why others feel a need to involve themselves in a "discussion" like the one I was having with "Claire." Do they really think that because they said something the whole conversation will just come to a screeching halt? I hope not.

Next, "Claire" attempts to goad me into discussing the link he posted. At this time, I was actually dealing with a customer. I work from home and am only briefly on the computer periodically throughout the day.

"Claire" posts yet another obscure website (TheDailyBanter - never heard of it) with an article that was written on July 8, 2009. AND, he posts another link from another waste of time site, that I've also never heard of, called "Ranker" that was undated.

"Claire" then engages Andy and then insults the both of us. Andy thinks he's helping...but, really, he just made it so I had to "fix" this next photo after uploading it the first time...and, then had to re-upload it so that it didn't show his full name. Sometimes, people that interject themselves into a discussion like this are more bothersome than the troll.

Sorry, "Claire," I could correct every single lie that you posted and I would bother taking the time to do so, but creating this blog post has been much more fun. Besides, you wouldn't read or believe anything I posted for you anyway. If the light of the truth were to actually shine on you, you would die an agonizing death like that of a vampire exposed to the sun.

This next photo shows that "Claire" knows how to copy and paste. He doesn't know how to provide the source for the copyright he has just stolen, but he can copy and paste entire articles. The article, or facebook comment, whatever it was, was so disingenuous and long that I didn't want to have to include it here as its own photo, which is I why I didn't expand the comment.

Then "Claire" posts a link for an article about a poll from PPP (Public Policy Polling), which is about the only poll that progressives like because it's one of the only ones in the nation that most consistently shows Obama with any kind of lead in any kind of poll.

Andy chimes in again...and, I didn't hide his now I've got to go fix it AGAIN. What a pain in my ass.

This next pic shows part of the "posting spree" that "Claire" went on in the group. He's posted several stories, and ripped-off that copyright again and provided no link for that lengthy article he pasted in the group, for the second time.

Here's one more pic of something that "Claire" posted. I tried engaging him on this post, hoping that he would move away from the other post where others were beginning to chime in. This would have resulted in less attention for him, therefore, he didn't respond.

Now we return back to the thread, where others are beginning to chime-in...and get attacked by "Claire." Andy, once again, attempts to tell me how to handle a troll. Thanks, Andy...I got it covered.

I once again try to get Andy to leave the post and just let me deal with "Claire." My attempt fails again.

"Claire" also shows some false bravado by saying that the "admins" (people who will remove and ban him from the group) can't touch him. This is also a commonly used tactic of trolls. They try to show that they know more about everything than everyone else. They are the only people on earth who know what they are doing. They think they have out-witted everyone and that they control the situation. I'm no psychologist, but, I'm pretty sure that this would be referred to as narcissistic behavior. Narcissists need lots of attention, all the time, from everyone around them. "Claire" is clearly a narcissist.

Now Andy shares his astute analysis about the common internet troll. Excellent.

And, finally, this is where the poor, misguided, liberal, male, gay, woman-hating, internet troll, "Claire" bites the dust.

That's the end of the thread about my exposing of "Claire" as a troll. I do have one more screen shot that I'd like to share with you. This is another post that "Claire" posted in the group when he went on his "posting spree," as noted earlier. Not only is "Claire" a poor, misguided, liberal, male, woman-hating, pathetic, sad, unenviable, low-life, internet troll...he is also a racist.

Poor "Claire" falls into the group of voters in this country that voted for Obama only because of the color of his skin. The vast majority of American couldn't care less what the color of someone's skin is. Now, that there is a real threat to the "1st black president" in the form of another black man...who is also a conservative...voters like "Claire" begin to show their true colors.

I think I've pretty well laid out the case that proves the absolute pathetic nature of trolls. When dealing with them, it's best to taunt, never react. Never waste your time providing them information because they lack the ability comprehend reality.

Why taunt them at all? Because it drives them nuts. That's why.

Special note for "Claire:" It's too bad that you blocked me on facebook. What's the matter? Did you see that you've been removed from a few places? I'm not finished yet, but you are, in this account. We know that you'll just hop over to another facebook profile. I'm sure you'll send your friends to my group...go ahead. I think you can see that I have no problem dealing with the likes of you. I'll be sure to link to your friends here too when I discover it or any of your other Palin-hating troll friends from your childish Palin-hating groups. I'm sure you'd be surprised to know that I'm actually a member of several of them...via another account, of course. You shouldn't always presume that you are a step ahead. You should, however, presume that I will make your "Claire" account unusable for you. As much of a "newbie" as you think I am to facebook, I'll make sure I find a way to get this blog post to you now that you've blocked me. I was going to keep you around for a bit. I like to bat around morons from time to time.

Special note for all Conservatives and Palin supporters: I'm now going to provide you with a few other well-known trolls on who are quite likely on your friend list right now on facebook. You should BLOCK, not just un-friend, but BLOCK these people. All trolls should ALWAYS be blocked on facebook, anyway. When you block someone on facebook, they can never see what you are doing and, more importantly, you never have to see the tripe that they post. The "block" feature is located on the left side of your "friends" profile page. It's at the bottom of the list underneath their profile picture. I'll show you where to find it in the next few pictures.

Here are some well-known Palin-hating trolls on facebook. Just click on their names to be taken to their facebook profile page so you can block them.

The infamous "Claire Atkinson" <--- Click on the name to be taken to its facebook page so you can block it.

Ethel Ellison <--- Click the name. This picture shows you (red circle) where the block feature is located on facebook.

Diana Evans <--- Click the name.

These next two screen shots are pictures of the kind of troll that doesn't really even try to hide behind a made-up, real-looking name. These are obvious trolls that don't hide the fact that they ARE trolls.

Barbie Palin <--- Click the name.

And, finally, Sling Shot <--- Click the name.

There you go, folks. There are 5 of them. I could post more now...but, why? Let the others "wonder" for a while. If I receive any feedback from trolls over this post, I'll be sure and share that with you here, as well.

If any of you want to share your troll list with me, I need PROOF that they are trolls and I also need the url for their facebook profile. Without BOTH of those criteria, I will NOT be adding them to this list.

If you care to be notified of my future blog posts, please subscribe to my blog via the "Follow by email" box near the top of this page. I do not see your email address and you will NOT be spammed. Thanks!